JCI, Week 2

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Week 2 of the JCI is posted a few days early because of the holidays.  There's an only a handful of games this weekend, so the change between now and next Monday should be minimal.

The Illini move down from 3rd to 7th, not because of their win over Missouri (a win will not hurt you in the JCI, all other things equal), but because losses by North Carolina (dropped from 35th to 57th) and Rutgers (37th to 92nd) made two of their wins look less impressive than before.

For more background on the JCI, click here .  Next JCI will be on Jan. 3rd.  Merry Christmas!

JCI Week 2, Games Through December 22nd

1. Villanova 8-0, RPI: 8, LW:1
2. Duke 11-0, RPI: 1, LW:2
3. Connecticut 8-0, RPI: 16, LW:5
4. Memphis 9-1, RPI: 2, LW:4
5. Ohio State 7-0, RPI: 10, LW:7
6. Iona 7-0, RPI: 25, LW:10
7. Illinois 12-0, RPI: 15, LW:3
8. UCLA 9-1, RPI: 4, LW:9
9. Indiana St 7-0, RPI: 11, LW:8
10. Florida 11-0, RPI: 9, LW:11
11. Washington 9-0, RPI: 21, LW:12
12. George Washington 8-0, RPI: 73, LW:13
13. Bucknell 7-1, RPI: 6, LW:15
14. Clemson 10-0, RPI: 52, LW:16
15. Gonzaga 9-2, RPI: 3, LW:17
16. Pittsburgh 9-0, RPI: 47, LW:18
17. Texas A&M 8-0, RPI: 100, LW:20
18. Nevada 7-1, RPI: 13, LW:19
19. La Salle 7-1, RPI: 37, LW:14
20. Michigan 8-1, RPI: 30, LW:21
21. Colorado 8-1, RPI: 29, LW:23
22. Maryland 6-2, RPI: 18, LW:25
23. Colorado St 9-1, RPI: 26, LW:29
24. Indiana 6-2, RPI: 38, LW:35
25. Air Force 7-1, RPI: 72, LW:28
26. UNC Wilmington 9-2, RPI: 20, LW:26
27. Ohio 5-1, RPI: 28, LW:34
28. Michigan St 9-2, RPI: 22, LW:32
29. Cincinnati 7-2, RPI: 7, LW:41
30. North Carolina St 9-1, RPI: 57, LW:43
31. Florida St 8-1, RPI: 148, LW:42
32. Bradley 6-2, RPI: 64, LW:24
33. Butler 6-4, RPI: 63, LW:30
34. Auburn 5-3, RPI: 40, LW:31
35. Northern Iowa 7-1, RPI: 14, LW:49
36. Xavier 6-2, RPI: 92, LW:38
37. Arkansas 9-2, RPI: 39, LW:46
38. Missouri St 7-1, RPI: 23, LW:47
39. Wisconsin 9-1, RPI: 12, LW:40
40. Boston College 7-2, RPI: 36, LW:48
41. Tennessee 6-1, RPI: 48, LW:6
42. Buffalo 8-1, RPI: 81, LW:45
43. Iowa State 7-3, RPI: 34, LW:74
44. Wichita St 8-2, RPI: 75, LW:50
45. DePaul 6-4, RPI: 17, LW:44
46. Saint Joseph's 4-3, RPI: 53, LW:55
47. Iowa 10-3, RPI: 45, LW:58
48. Vanderbilt 8-1, RPI: 91, LW:54
49. Notre Dame 6-2, RPI: 60, LW:53
50. Kansas St 7-2, RPI: 19, LW:52
51. Wagner 5-2, RPI: 27, LW:71
52. Temple 6-3, RPI: 32, LW:39
53. Creighton 6-2, RPI: 44, LW:57
54. Syracuse 9-2, RPI: 41, LW:66
55. Texas 9-2, RPI: 76, LW:27
56. Northwestern St 4-3, RPI: 42, LW:63
57. North Carolina 6-2, RPI: 35, LW:22
58. Northern Illinois 4-2, RPI: 5, LW:72
59. Loyola (Chicago) 6-2, RPI: 46, LW:33
60. Arizona 7-3, RPI: 31, LW:59

Dropping out: Oklahoma (36 --> 138), Rutgers, VCU (51 --> 66), Sam Houston (56 --> 70), Dayton (60 --> 64)

Fantasy Report, Week 9

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When it comes to fantasy hoops, I can't overstate the importance of the draft.  Sure, you need to manage your team during the season with trades and waiver wire pick-ups, but getting quality players in the draft relative to the round you pick them gives you the strength to trade against later on.

I took a look at 10 fantasy leagues and particularly 115 players that were drafted in each of those 10 leagues.  Then I analyzed where the teams that drafted these players were currently in their respective standings.  There were some very interesting results:

Highest Ranked Players

Rank Player Avg Pick Avg Score
1 Brevin Knight (G CHA) 111 65.2
2 LeBron James (F CLE) 2 64.9
3 Marcus Camby (C DEN) 50 64.5
4 Chris Bosh (F TOR) 36 63.3
5 Gilbert Arenas (G WAS) 14 63.2
6 Cuttino Mobley (G LAC) 67 62.3
7 Andre Iguodala (G PHI) 54 62.0
8 Joel Przybilla (C POR) 99 61.9
9 Wally Szczerbiak (F MIN) 91 61.8
10 Troy Murphy (F GS) 78 61.7
11 Paul Pierce (F BOS) 16 61.6
12 Rashard Lewis (F SEA) 33 61.3
13 Allen Iverson (G PHI) 8 60.8
14 Richard Jefferson (F NJ) 35 60.6
15 James Jones (F PHO) 118 60.4
16 Stromile Swift (C HOU) 97 60.2
17 Zydrunas Ilgauskas (C CLE) 41 60.1
18 Tony Parker (G SA) 59 60.1
19 Joe Johnson (G ATL) 43 60.0
20 Ricky Davis (F BOS) 95 60.0

Brevin Knight is at top spot because he was picked was low in the draft (111th on average) and is performing at a top 50 level, bringing tremendous value to those teams that drafted him.  That is the case for most guys on this list, including Camby, Bosh, Szczerbiak, Pierce, Lewis, Parker and Davis.

However, guys like James Jones and Stromile Swift really stand out because they haven't been performing very well at all so far this season (Swift in particular).   I believe the reason they are up there is because these were two guys that were major sleeper picks at the beginning of the year and both had very nice preseasons.  The average fantasy player may not have paid any attention, but a shrewd owner would've taken a chance on one of these guys in the later rounds.  So although neither player has performed (and probably aren't on the team's roster anymore), the fact that they were drafted is an indication that the guy who drafted him is a shrewd owner who actually knows what he's doing.

Lowest Ranked Players

Rank Player Avg Pick Avg Score
1 Shaquille O'Neal (C MIA) 19 40.7
2 Jalen Rose (F TOR) 77 42.9
3 Carmelo Anthony (F DEN) 39 43.1
4 Amare Stoudemire (C PHO) 62 45.3
5 Richard Hamilton (G DET) 60 45.5
6 Kenyon Martin (F DEN) 58 45.7
7 Steve Francis (G ORL) 24 46.1
8 Damon Jones (G CLE) 108 46.6
9 Tim Duncan (F SA) 8 47.7
10 Eddie Jones (G MEM) 92 48.3
11 Zach Randolph (F POR) 50 49.2
12 Pau Gasol (F MEM) 33 49.4
13 Jamaal Magloire (C MIL) 74 49.6
14 Antoine Walker (F MIA) 73 49.7
15 Chris Webber (F PHI) 46 49.9
16 Corey Maggette (F LAC) 47 50.1
17 Rafer Alston (G HOU) 91 50.1
18 Eddy Curry (C NY) 90 50.2
19 Andrei Kirilenko (F UTA) 11 50.2
20 Al Harrington (F ATL) 90 50.4

The low-ranking list is full of guys that have underperformed relative to where they were drafted.  Some guys are only there because of injuries (Amare, Maggette, Kirilenko).  My indicator theory is even more apparent on the bottom 20 -- teams that overpaid for the likes of Shaq, Carmelo, Rip Hamilton, Kenyon Martin, Francis, Duncan, Randolph, Gasol, Magloire, Walker and Curry are secretly admitting that they have no clue about fantasy basketball.  Guys like Carmelo, Duncan and Gasol are actually putting up decent numbers, but reaching for one of these guys early when other more valuable players were on the board is a death sentence for the owners that drafted them.  And many of these owners don't even realize it!  They're probably sitting there wondering why they're in the bottom half of their league.  The only hope is they can deal one of these guys to another unenlightened owner.

If you remember back to my recent list of "Top 10 Guys You'll Never See on One of My Fantasy Teams" , you'll see that Shaq (1st), Curry (3rd), Antoine (5th), Magloire (6th), Kenyon (7th), Carmelo (8th), Harrington (9th), Francis (10th), Randolph (Hon. Mention), Duncan (Hon. Mention) are all on my list for good reason.  Avoid these guys like the plague.  Let some other dude draft them early.


Here's what J.R. has done since CBS Sportsline proclaimed that he was well on his way to becoming a 'great fantasy player' :

Smith,J.r. NOR LAC H 12/14/2005 1 32 7 14 6 10 1 2 5 1 1 0 0 21
Smith,J.r. NOR PHO H 12/16/2005 1 29 6 11 2 6 0 0 2 2 0 0 3 14
Smith,J.r. NOR SAS H 12/18/2005 1 25 0 6 0 3 1 2 1 1 2 0 1 1
Smith,J.r. NOR MIN A 12/21/2005 1 19 1 6 0 2 0 0 1 2 0 0 1 2

He followed up a great game on 12/12 with another strong performance, but has since tailed off tremendously.  I hope you didn't waste your time on this guy.  He's the 170th-ranked fantasy player over the time period above.  Avoid.


Three Spencers teams were hurt tremendously by the news that Yao Ming is going to be out for six weeks  ("Two rules: Always take good care of your feet.  And don't do anything getting yourself killed.")  Two teams had Yao as the only center and the other had Amare as the other center, so needless to say there was a lot of waiver wire scrambling this week.  Fortunately, the 3 teams that have Yao are in the best shape overall, so the impact of losing him for six weeks may mean we win our league by 8 points instead of 10 points.

Spencers 3 pretty much locked up their league for good after trading Dirk Nowitzki, Mike Bibby and a red-hot Wally Szczerbiak for Shawn Marion, Jason Kidd, and Troy Murphy.  This was a beautiful deal that helps out in the categories that we needed while only giving up PTS, which we were projected to win by 1,300.  So overall, I'd say this one is on cruise control even with the Yao injury.

Spencers 6 is rolling the dice on Marcus Camby after picking him and Ray Allen up for Rashard Lewis and Joe Johnson.  Johnson has been player better lately, even being named Player of the Week last week, but he's top 40 material at best.  Allen is top 15 and Camby is at least top 15 when he plays.  We may end up dealing Camby later in the year, but for now this puts Spencers 6 right back in the hunt.


JCI, Week 1

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Here's the first JCI of the 2005-06 season.  I'll continue to post the updated rankings here, so bookmark this page or add it to 'my yahoo' .  For more info on the JCI, check out my overview post .  Feel free to leave comments below.  Hopefully, we'll get some good dialog going.

Don't put too much weight on these early-season rankings.  As some of the early undefeated teams start to lose, the rankings will sort themselves out.

JCI, Week 1

1. Villanova 7-0, RPI: 16
2. Duke 11-0, RPI: 1
3. Illinois 11-0, RPI: 9
4. Memphis 8-1, RPI: 2
5. Connecticut 8-0, RPI: 22
6. Tennessee 6-0, RPI: 39
7. Ohio State 7-0, RPI: 7
8. Indiana St 5-0, RPI: 4
9. UCLA 8-1, RPI: 13
10. Iona 7-0, RPI: 40
11. Florida 10-0, RPI: 10
12. Washington 9-0, RPI: 19
13. George Washington 8-0, RPI: 76
14. La Salle 6-0, RPI: 34
15. Bucknell 6-1, RPI: 8
16. Clemson 8-0, RPI: 68
17. Gonzaga 7-2, RPI: 3
18. Pittsburgh 8-0, RPI: 33
19. Nevada 6-1, RPI: 26
20. Texas A&M 7-0, RPI: 139
21. Michigan 7-1, RPI: 29
22. North Carolina 6-1, RPI: 28
23. Colorado 6-1, RPI: 14
24. Bradley 5-2, RPI: 74
25. Maryland 6-2, RPI: 17
26. UNC Wilmington 8-2, RPI: 18
27. Texas 8-2, RPI: 72
28. Air Force 7-1, RPI: 85
29. Colorado St 7-1, RPI: 15
30. Butler 5-4, RPI: 46
31. Auburn 5-2, RPI: 36
32. Michigan St 8-2, RPI: 31
33. Loyola (Chicago) 5-1, RPI: 42
34. Ohio 4-1, RPI: 41
35. Indiana 5-2, RPI: 64
36. Oklahoma 6-1, RPI: 102
37. Rutgers 8-2, RPI: 60
38. Xavier 5-2, RPI: 82
39. Temple 5-3, RPI: 38
40. Wisconsin 9-1, RPI: 11
41. Cincinnati 6-2, RPI: 5
42. Florida St 6-1, RPI: 136
43. North Carolina St 8-1, RPI: 84
44. DePaul 5-4, RPI: 27
45. Buffalo 7-1, RPI: 63
46. Arkansas 8-2, RPI: 50
47. Missouri St 6-1, RPI: 21
48. Boston College 6-2, RPI: 44
49. Northern Iowa 6-1, RPI: 24
50. Wichita St 7-2, RPI: 81
51. VCU 5-2, RPI: 67
52. Kansas St 7-1, RPI: 6
53. Notre Dame 5-2, RPI: 51
54. Vanderbilt 6-1, RPI: 47
55. Saint Joseph's 4-2, RPI: 70
56. Sam Houston 4-2, RPI: 120
57. Creighton 5-2, RPI: 43
58. Iowa 8-3, RPI: 61
59. Arizona 5-3, RPI: 56
60. Dayton 6-3, RPI: 125

I didn't even have to use my A.K...

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Sweet day today in the life of Jim Colton.  My 3-year old son Jordan and I went down to Champaign to watch the Illini play Coppin State.  This was Jordan's first game at Assembly Hall, aka The House of 'Paign.  Not an overly exciting game, but it was cool to be there for some father-son bonding.  Jordan was impressed with the sea of orange and amused the crowd around us with his 'Dee for Three!' cheers.  Jordan almost made his dad shed a tear when he recited the 'Alma Mater' word for word at halftime, and crossed his arms along w/ the 'Chieeeeef'.

To top it off, the Wegobombers reclaimed first place in my absence with a thrilling double-overtime win against the former first-place team.  Aaron 'Rug' Kilburg, who's probably the only guy on the team who averages less shot attempts than I do, calmly buried a 17-footer from the baseline to win the game.  Way to go, Rug!  Hopefully, we can keep it going, however our next game isn't for 3 weeks because of the holidays.

Wegobomber Update, Game #8

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The Wegobombers were victorious tonight, winning 90-56 in slaugter-rule fashion (if you're up by 30 w/ less than 5 minutes left, the mercifully end the game early).  We used to win via slaughter regularly -- this was our first one this year.

So the Wegobombers are currently 6-2 and in 2nd in place.  Next week, we play the first place team in a must win.

So, did I hit a 3?  Nope.  Missed a baseline 3 early on the game.  I was tempted to torque up another one late in the game since it was out of hand, but decided against it.  I was happy to see my buddy Duker light it up tonight, finally getting himself out of a recent slump and burying a couple 3's to go along with a dazzling array of inside and outside buckets.  It seemed like every time I passed to him, he scored.  He did turn his ankle in the closing minutes of the game -- hopefully he's alright.

Final stat line: 5 pts on 2-of-4 shooting, 6-7 boards, and probably 7-8 assists.

Fantasy Rankings, Week 8

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Below is the top 40 fantasy players based on our projections for the rest of the season (Week 8 and beyond).

Movers & Shakers

Wally Szczerbiak  -- Wally World has been on fire for the last month or so.  Over the last 11 games, he's averaging 21.3 pts, 5.1 rbs, while shooting 57% from the field and 53% from the floor, numbers that would rank him 15th overall over that same time period.  My advice would be to sell high on Wally, even though he seems to be finally fitting in well as second fiddle to KG, don't expect those shooting percentages to last.  If you can get a top 40 player for Wally, pull the trigger (we currently have him 63rd overall, although I just bumped up his projections).

Andrei Kirilenko  -- AK47 is finally rounding into form after an agonizingly slow recovery from a sprained ankle.  He's back in the starting line-up and has had back-to-back huge games, including 22 pts, 16 rebs and 8 blks last night.  There are still 2 concerns w/ Andrei.  1) Injury -- I think his helter-skelter style of play and rail-thin frame make him susceptible to missing games again and 2) Shooting percentages -- particularly his FT%, which is currently at 59%!  He's a career 77% FT shooter, so I expect he'll improve over the course of the season.  But if he's below 70% for the year, he probably falls out of the top 10 as a fantasy player.  If you can still pick him up for cheap, go for it.

Marcus Camby  -- After an unbelievable start, Camby has finally started to come down to earth a little bit.  You might be able to pick him up for cheap from an owner starting to panic.  I think Camby still has decent value since Denver has very little help in the frontcourt (Kenyon Martin is going to be in and out of the line-up all year).  Be warned, however, you better have some intestinal fortitude if you own Camby.  You'll cringe every time he runs, jumps, dribbles or shoots out of fear that he's going to spontaneously combust, but after every completed game in the boxscore you can breathe a big sigh of relief and count that day as a mini-win for your fantasy team.

Al Jefferson  -- Al Jeff was one of our sleeper picks in the draft and we picked him late on nearly all of our teams.  Unfortunately, he got off to a slow start and we had to cut him loose.  It looks like he's starting to finally get some decent playing time.  Keep a close watch on him.  He might be worth stashing on your bench.

Torrey Ellis (aka Deron Williams)  -- Torrey's probably my favorite player in the NBA right now, and he's probably one of the calmest, coolest dudes on the court, but he sure did show poor judgment the other night in Park City, UT.  At least he picked a decent name for his alter ego (mine is Jason Jens).  Deron, if you need some legal representation, let me know and I'll hook you up with my buddy Duker.


Fantasy Experts Corner

Somebody's got to hold these guys accountable, so I'm taking it upon myself to call these guys out when they completely lead their readers astray.

  • Eddy Curry must be a favorite over at Mr. Talented Roto, since everybody over there keeps raving about him:

    "If I needed a center and saw Curry available in my league, I would pick him up." -- Shawn Cwalinski, C-Dub's Basketball Pub 

    "My conclusion; grab Curry if he is there. " -- Sean Allen  (I'll cut this guy some slack since he's a fantasy first timer)

    I've already talked about Curry ad nauseum , so I won't belabor the point.  Just don't listen to these guys.  Channing Frye looks like the 2nd (and some would say 1st) option for the Knicks, and we have Curry rated 145th overall for the rest of the year.
  • This one takes the cake. Based on one good outing, Brian Flood from CBS Sportsline made the following statement: "J.R. Smith scored 26 points, including four 3-pointers, 10 rebounds and was 10-of-10 from the charity stripe on Monday night. He'll be a great Fantasy player for the remainder of the season and now is the time to acquire him."  Wow!  JR did follow that game up with another strong performance, but this is a guy who's shooting 39% from the floor on the year (right on his numbers for last year).  Can a top 80 fantasy guy (at best) make the leap to become a 'great' fantasy player.  I don't think so.

    This gets back to a bigger issue with some owners (and columnists) in fantasy hoops -- they overreact when a guy has one good (or bad) game.  Case in point: Kendrick Perkins .  Dude cracks the starting line-up w/ Boston and pulls down 19 boards in his first game.  You should've seen the flurry of activity on the waiver wire trying to pick this guy up.  His numbers since then: 15.5 min (still starting too), 2.5 pts, 6 reb, 29.4 FG%, 62.5 FT%.


Top 40 Projections, Week 8 & Beyond

1 Garnett,Kevin 21.12
2 James,Lebron 20.80
3 Marion,Shawn 19.88
4 Pierce,Paul 18.84
5 Arenas,Gilbert 18.25
6 Nowitzki,Dirk 18.22
7 Brand,Elton 17.90
8 Iverson,Allen 17.76
9 Wade,Dwyane 17.67
10 Allen,Ray 17.28
11 Duncan,Tim 17.11
12 Nash,Steve 17.07
13 Camby,Marcus 16.98
14 Mcgrady,Tracy 16.46
15 Wallace,Rasheed 15.85
16 Ming,Yao 15.74
17 Billups,Chauncey 15.58
18 Lewis,Rashard 15.54
19 Bryant,Kobe 15.51
20 O'neal,Jermaine 14.96
21 Carter,Vince 14.94
22 Jefferson,Richard 14.59
23 Kidd,Jason 14.58
24 Redd,Michael 14.54
25 Bosh,Chris 14.37
26 Davis,Ricky 14.30
27 Miller,Brad 14.14
28 Stojakovic,Peja 14.05
29 Kirilenko,Andrei 14.04
30 Gasol,Pau 13.85
31 Maggette,Corey 13.81
32 Jamison,Antawn 13.76
33 Francis,Steve 13.71
34 Artest,Ron 13.56
35 Paul,Chris 13.56
36 Odom,Lamar 13.47
37 Iguodala,Andre 13.28
38 Marbury,Stephon 13.24
39 Bibby,Mike 13.19
40 Howard,Dwight 13.13

The JCI College Hoops Rankings: An Overview

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I will begin posting my JCI College Rankings on Monday 12/19, but for now here's an overview of how it works and why it's far superior to the RPI  used by the NCAA Selection Committee and better than all other ranking systems out there.

The tournament selection committee has the tough job of selecting and seeding the 65 tournament teams every March.  Unfortunately they have been hindered by using the very poorly constructed RPI.  I could go on and on about the flaws in the RPI, but I'll save that for future postings.  For now, let's just say it was designed to give the committee an overview of a team's strength of schedule and a measure of performance against the schedule, and in my opinion it does a extremely poor job at meeting this very basic objective.  It's unfortunate that they continue to use it when other, far better ranking systems exist out there (the Sagarin ranking  for example).  Plus, changes they made last year to give a bonus for road wins  made the rankings even more misleading.

The basic decision that the Committee is making is: "Is Team A's tournament resume (or 'body of work', although I hate that term) of wins and losses superior to Team B's tournament resume of wins and losses?"  Although they do like to look at recent performance and other mitigating factors (still up for debate whether they should or not), that's really all there is to it.  And the tourney chair states this year after year during the selection show, whether they truly follow it or not.

Any ranking system, either explicitly or implicitly, is trying to do one thing: make the most sense of the college basketball season.  There are usually around 5,000 games over the course of the regular season, and any given ranking system is making the statement: "based on the data available from those 5,000 games, Team A is #1, Team B is #2, etc."  The underlying data that is utilized may be different (some use margin of victory, for example), but the output statement is essentially the same.

This is really where the RPI fails and the JCI shines.  The #40-ranked RPI team may or may not have a better tournament resume than the #45-ranked RPI team, all it's really saying is the #40-ranked RPI team has a higher value of the RPI formula (25% win percentage w/ home/road adjustments, 50% Opponents Winning percentage, and 25% Opp-Opponent's Winning Percentage) than the 45th-ranked RPI team.  Even if those 3 components are correlated with the quality of the team, how can the RPI  help the Committee make the already tough decision of who's in and who's out if the relative ranking doesn't mean anything?

The JCI, on the other hand, is designed to measure of one team's season versus another.  So you can definitively say that based on that team's wins and losses combined with all other games from the season, the 40th-ranked JCI team has a better tourney resume than the 41st-ranked JCI team.  It does what the Committee is trying to do.

The underlying premise is this.  Hypothetically, imagine that there is a 'true' ranking out there (assume God has it) for each Division I team, and when two teams play each other, the outcome is based on the difference between the teams two rankings, the home court advantage, and some random component to account for upsets.  Each game during the course of the season is one piece of the puzzle getting us closer to that 'true' ranking.  The problem is the season is relatively short and teams all play different schedules, so we only get around 30 glimpses of varying information for each team (which is one reason why the usefulness of computer-rankings is limited in the BCS football rankings, since you're only getting 11-12 bits of info.).  If all 326 Division I teams played a round-robin, you would have no need for any ranking system or a selection committee, you would simply take the teams with the best records.  In other words, you'd have a complete picture.

So the JCI is built to take those 30-odd pieces of information on each team, combine it with all of the data across the season to make the most sense of the information.  Looking at it another way, a team has 30 chances to prove whether it's a good team or not.  The wins and losses over the season will bear that out.  The JCI starts with the same 3 basic RPI components, optimizing the weights, then adds a performance measure to reward for wins and losses versus expectations.  Through a series of iterations, the overall rankings are optimized to make the most sense of the data, so you know by definition you have the best measure of a team's success out there.  Any change to the ranking would make it less optimal.

So, that's the JCI in a nutshell.  Make sense?  It'll probably become clearer in the context of some results, and I hope we'll get some ongoing dialog during the course of the season that should answer a lot of questions.  My goal is not to get the JCI implemented by the Committee, but to get the sad truth about the RPI out to the masses and show that there are a slew of superior ranking tools out there  at the Committee's disposal.  The Committee will continue to defend the RPI on one hand while belittling its role in the selection process (not true...more to follow) on the other, but any reliance on substandard information will eventually lead to bad decision making despite the Committee's best intentions.  As a basketball fan, wouldn't you want to give the most deserving teams the chance to play for the national championship?  As a basketball player or coach, wouldn't you want to know that if you take care your business on the court, you'll have nothing to worry about come selection sunday?  Why should we settle for anything less?



Introducing the Frelton Spencers

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Here's an overview of the six fantasy basketball teams that I mentioned in a previous post .  I'll keep you updated every couple of weeks on our attempt to win as much as $1,500 each if we win all six leagues.

The name originates from our ESPN team  from two years ago -- combining our names (Jim Colton/MarcFredman) we came up with Jamar Frelton (clever, huh?) and the Spencers comes from long-time NBA journeyman Felton Spencer .  We thought it appropriate to continue the Spencer legacy.

Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, Jason Terry, Delonte West, Stephen Jackson
Forwards: Kevin Garnett, Andrei Kirilenko, Grant Hill, Donyell Marshall, P.J. Brown, Udonis Haslem, James Posey
Centers: Yao Ming
Current Standings: 63 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 66)
Projected Standings: 78 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 63)
Deals: Traded Richard Jefferson/Tayshaun Prince for Kirilenko/James Jones (Week 2); Traded Mike Bibby/Zaza Pachulia for Yao/Marshall (Week 6)
Plus: Winning the Garnett lottery; drafting R-Jeff in 4th round & Cassell in 9th round
Minus: Kirilenko goes down w/ ankle sprain on the day we trade for him (I was at the game when it happened); some late round picks (Stromile Swift - 8th; Al Jefferson - 10th; Eddie Griffin - 12th) don't deliver
Outlook: It's hard not to win your league when you have Garnett.  This team is stacked, and should be ready to surge with Kirilenko finally at full strength and Grant Hill set to debut soon.  Recent Yao/Donyell acquisition should help tremendously.

Ray Allen, Tracy McGrady, Boris Diaw, Shane Battier, Speedy Claxton
Forwards: Shawn Marion, Corey Maggette, Carlos Boozer, Tayshaun Prince, Kyle Korver, Al Jefferson
Centers: Mehmet Okur, Raef LaFrentz
Current Standings: 55 pts, 6th place (1st place = 76, tie)
Projected Standings: 70 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 65)
Deals: Traded Rashard Lewis/Samuel Dalembert for Marion/LaFrentz (today)
Plus: drafting Rashard in the 3rd round, Okur in 10th round; stumbling upon Shane Battier off the waiver wire; BORIS DIAW (Marc snatched him up on four of our six teams and he has been huge.)
Minus: BOOZER (5th round), James Jones (9th), Marquis Daniels (10th), Marquis Daniels (11th), Shaun Livingston (12th), and Antonio Daniels (13th). 
Outlook: This team started off in a huge hole with injuries to McGrady, Maggette, Dalembert, and Boozer (rhymes with...).  Will Boozer ever come back?  This dude has some bad karma or something -- maybe it has something to do with stabbing the Cavs and their blind owner in the back .  Now the fans in Utah are turning against him as well.  This team was heavily skewed in 3PM and FT% and projected to finish 2nd prior to Marion trade (a nice early Christmas present).

Allen Iverson, Mike Bibby, Sam Cassell, Boris Diaw, Smush Parker, Raja Bell
Forwards: Dirk Nowitzki, Richard Jefferson, Darius Miles, Kyle Korver, Wally Szczerbiak, Nick Collison
Centers: Yao Ming
Current Standings: 81.5 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 61.5)
Projected Standings: 71 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 65)
Deals: Traded Marcus Camby/Michael Redd for Nowitzki (Week 2)
Plus: drafting Camby in the 7th round (what a steal!), Jefferson in 4th, Cassell in 8th, Miles in 12th; BORIS DIAW (if I fail to mention him in every team's 'plus' category, Marc will be offended).
Minus: Injury to Miles.
Outlook: This team is crusing.  Huge surplus in PTS and AST will probably facilitate a trade at some point, but it may not even be necessary.  Camby/Redd for Nowitzki trade looked like a huge win for us at first, but both Camby and Redd have continued to play at a high-level.  We'll stop kicking ourselves when Mr. Glass inevitably breaks, but for the time being he's the #1 fantasy player for the year.  However, getting Nowitzki, a top 5 player, is nothing to sneeze at.

Dwyane Wade, Cuttino Mobley, Shane Battier, Boris Diaw, Joe Johnson, Jameer Nelson
Forwards: Paul Pierce, Corey Maggette, Tayshaun Prince, Drew Gooden, Al Jefferson
Centers: Samuel Dalembert, Joel Przybilla
Current Standings: 71 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 79)
Projected Standings: 67 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 69)
Deals: Traded Alonzo Mourning for Shane Battier (Week 5) ; traded Rashard Lewis for Corey Maggette/Drew Gooden (Week 7)
Plus: Pierce has been incredible -- near LeBron-type numbers; rode Alonzo Mourning while Shaq was out and swapped him for Battier right as Shaq was set to come back (sucker!); BORIS DIAW!!!
Minus: Joe Johnson (4th round) has been disappointing; Kurt Thomas (5th), James Jones (8th) and Eddie Griffin (10th) were all wasted picks.
Outlook: Probably one trade (for a point guard) away from getting over the top.  Had a potential deal for Webber get voted down by the league and commissioner.

Dwyane Wade, Jason Kidd, Boris Diaw, Luke Ridnour, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Raja Bell
Forwards: Paul Pierce, Tayshaun Prince, Donyell Marshall, Kyle Korver, Josh Smith
Centers: Yao Ming, Amare Stoudemire
Current Standings: 69.5 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 85)
Projected Standings: 78 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 79)
Deals: Traded Richard Jefferson/Morris Peterson for Kidd/Korver (Week 3) ; traded Chris Bosh for Yao (Week 5); traded Zaza Pachulia for Josh Smith (Week 6); traded Cuttino Mobley for Ridnour (Week 7).
Plus: Pierce delivers again; landing Kidd and Yao should help tremendously; BORIS DIAW!!!
Minus: Stromile Swift in the 8th round (yikes!)
Outlook: Easily the most active and most competitive league we're in.  The first place team has been cruising, but he just traded away Garnett (for Elton Brand).  However, the next day he turned around and landed Camby for very little (Oh Camby, Camby, Camby, when will you go down?  Marc is making a voodoo doll.) We'll probably hang back in 2nd until Amare gets back, but it looks like it's going to be neck-and-neck down the stretch.

Tracy McGrady, Andre Iguodala, Manu Ginobili, Joe Johnson, Delonte West, Sarunas Jasikevicius
Forwards: Rashard Lewis, Corey Maggette, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Nick Collison
Centers: Samuel Dalembert
Current Standings: 51 pts, 9th place (1st place = 68.5)
Projected Standings: 58 pts, 4th place (1st place = 67)
Deals: None
Plus: None
Minus: Lots and lots of injuries, disappointing play early on, BOOZER!!!
Outlook: We did this draft about a week into the season, and we were dancing in the streets afterwards.  We were calling this draft 'the Perfect Storm' because of all the players that were falling to us -- Kirilenko in 2, Maggette in 5, Iguodala in 6, Ginobili in 7, Dalembert in 11.  But this team has gotten off to a very slow start due to injuries (Kirilenko, McGrady, Maggette, Boozer, Dalembert and now Ginobili -- yikes!).  Our title hopes rest squarely on McGrady and Kirilenko.  If they can get back to their normal top 10 levels, we probably win this league.

That's a 3...Jamar Smith!!!

12/11/2005 0 comments

All I want for Christmas is a stroke as smooth as Jamar Smith.

The Fighting Illini continue to impress, rolling over Oregon by 30.  Dee Brown looked like the same Dee that I saw light-up Purdue for 27 points and lock up Big Ten Player of the Year award last year.  The Illini defense has been incredible the past two games, and the offense is coming together.  There are a lot of reasons to like this team.

One big reason is the play of freshman Jamar Smith , who has one of the sweetest strokes you'll ever see.  He's stepped right in and has confidently been knocking down big 3's at an incredible 57% clip (26-46) in the first 10 games this year.

I love Dee Brown's passion for the game -- he'll probably go down as the most beloved Illini ever.  But Jamar Smith quickly became one of my favorites the first time I saw him bury a 3 against South Dakota State.  His stroke is so effortless, you're surprised when he misses.  And the past few games, he's been stepping it up with the defense and hustle, an easy way to ensure that you'll get minutes.

I'm taking my son, Jordan, to his first game at the Assembly Hall next week to see the Illini play Coppin State (fear the Eagles), and I may have to pick up a #11 jersey for Jordan and a #31 jersey for me.

#31 is the number I wear for the basketball team I play on, Team Wegobomber (hence the yahoo id and name of the blog), in the Geneva (IL) Park District Men's Rec League.  The Wegobombers have existed in form or another for the past nine years, and I have played on the team for seven of those.  Back in the day, the Bombers were one if the tightest-run organizations, with a dedicated fanbase, stats, a website and newsletter.  Unfortunately, none of that led to any league championships, as we perenially roll through the regular season and fall flat on our faces come playoff time.  And as the core group of guys get older, the clock is ticking on our chances of getting that elusive championship hardware.

I wish I could say that I have the game to match Jamar, but the #31 on our back is probably the only thing we have in common.  In fact, I'd go so far to say that I'm the anti-Jamar Smith.  I haven't hit a 3-pointer all year!  There's an interesting dynamic on our team that might prove to be very entertaining.  Let me explain:

We've got one guy on our team, Mark A., who is easily the Michael Jordan of the league.  Our offense is basically 'get the ball to Mark.'  The rest of the team is generally made of scrappy 6'2 white guys who all basically play the same position -- point forward.  With no set offense other than the one mentioned above, the rest of us try to contribute wherever we can.  There exists a long-standing unwritten rule that goes something like:  unless your name is Mark, you can only miss one 3-point attempt per game.  One 3-point miss is okay, but two will get you banished to the East Side of Geneva (trust don't want to go there).

So let me tell you first hand...that's a lot of pressure.

I generally consider myself to have an above average jump shot -- probably when just shooting around in the gym I'll hit at least 40% of uncontested, wide open three-pointers.  In games this season, however, it's a whole different story.  We've had 7 games so far, so I'd estimate that I am 0-for-7 on the year.  Will I hit a 3-pointer this year?  Stay tuned.

There is an outside chance that I may have to hang it up altogether.  Being the hustle guy, I've been getting beat up the last two years.  Last week, I banged my head on an opponents shoulder and bruised my ear (seriously...who bruises their ear?  I should've posted a pic of my purple ear).  Later in the game, I got whacked in the nose.  It may be broken -- I'm not sure.  Nothing tops last year when I bonked heads with a teammate and spinal fluid started coming out of my nose.  Very strange.  Very frustrating too...I wanted to keep playing but the fluid kept coming out.

So right now, our once-proud organization has struggled to get more than 5 warm bodies to show up and we're riding a 2-game losing streak after winning the first 5 games.  I'm beginning to wonder if getting banged up is really worth it.

Back in the day, we used to tape and stat up all of our games.  Here are my career stats for those 3 years:

PTS: 5.6
REB: 6.0
AST: 4.0
STL: 1.5
BLK: 0.5
FG%: 38.9%
3p%: 30.9%

This year's stats are probably roughly similar, other than the 3-point percentage, less blocks, and maybe 1/2 less assist per game.  Not exactly the type of stats you'd want on your fantasy team.

I used Lil Penny to determine which NBA players were closest statistically to my career stats, and I'll leave you with the top 10:

1 Christie,Doug
2 Nelson,Jameer
3 Daniels,Marquis
4 Wells,Bonzi
5 Mcleod,Keith
6 Childress,Josh
7 Sura,Bob
8 Claxton,Speedy
9 Walton,Luke
10 Graham,Joey


Scottie Pippen

12/10/2005 0 comments

Mad love for Scottie Pippen , who's getting his number retired by the Bulls tonight when they play the Lakers.  People tend to forget just how good Scottie was in his prime.  He was truly one of the best all-around players to play in the NBA and easily one of the most tenacious defenders of all time.

Scottie could D-up against just about anybody, big or small.  I remember when the Bulls played the Pacers in the finals in '98, and the Pacers had been rolling through the playoffs.  Nobody was able to stop Mark Jackson, who kept posting up smaller guards and doing that annoying shimmy-shake after every made basket (topped only by Quentin Richardson's headband bump and Shaq's jello walk).  Well, Scottie quickly put an end to Jackson's shimmy by shutting him down to the point where Jackson was so utterly ineffective they stopped playing him altogether later in the series.

People always talk about how Jordan got cut from the basketball team (it was the varsity squad and he was a freshman, but people don't mention that), but how about Scottie going from college towel boy at an unknown school to one of the top 50 players of all time?  Truly remarkable.  Congratulations, Scottie.  Well deserved.

Jim Colton, Fantasy Hoops Expert

12/09/2005 0 comments

Today I'm officially taking on the title of NBA Fantasy Hoops Expert.

Might seem like a bold statement, but you'll see that becoming a fantasy expert is about as difficult as completing the monday Sudoku  or getting an 'A' in gym.  With a little work, you too may also reach this esteemed level of achievement.

Check out this recent column by Brian McKitish  from .  He actually tries to defend Eddy Curry:

I don’t know why everyone is so down on Eddy Curry right now. I mean I understand the frustration but I’m not about to let one of my competitors grab him because of my impatience. Fantasy writers talk about patience a lot…but no one seems to listen. There are certain players that you should be patient with (anyone with considerable upside) and there are certain players that you should part with if they can’t prove their worth after a few games. I don’t understand why people push the panic button on Curry (who was playing well prior to his calf injury) while they exercise incredible patience with Andrei Kirilenko.

Wow!  This guy obviously has no clue what's he's talking about.  If you look at Curry's numbers carefully, you'll see that over the past 2 seasons he is the 139th-rated fantasy player and 19th-rated center.  Taking the first 8 games of this year as Brian suggests, and he's the 175th rated player and 27th best center.  And if you take the entire 05-06 season-to-date, Curry is the 253rd ranked player and 41st rated center (can you name 40 other NBA centers?).

This gets back to my last blog where I talked about the difference between perceived value and true fantasy value.  Some people see Curry on tv and see that he could potentially be one of the most dominant big men in the Eastern Conference.  Unfortunately, he's barely viable as a fantasy player.

So the instant I see a guy in my league draft, pick-up, or trade for Eddy Curry, I know he is a fantasy chump.  Then it's open season on peltering him w/ lopsided trade offers hoping he'll bite.  To publicly defend Curry in a fantasy column takes the chumpness to a whole 'nother level.  I wish this guy were in all six of my leagues -- I would gladly take his money while he could gladly hold on to Eddy.

To top it off, he compares Curry to Andrei Kirilenko, one of the top 10 fantasy players over the past 3+ years.  Brian is dumbfounded as to why owners are so impatient w/ Curry as opposed to AK47.  Well, Brian, here are 4 good reasons:

1. Curry sucks.  See above.
2. Curry is easily replaceable.  There are lots of scrub C's such as Kaman, LaFrentz, Dampier, Brezec that are probably available on the waiver wire.  Each can do a reasonable Eddy Curry impersonation and might even be a slight improvement.
3. Kirilenko is a fantasy stud.  Why wouldn't you hold on to him?  He was probably picked in the 1st or 2nd round.  Plus, he delivers in both STL's and BLK's -- two categories that are hard to reproduce on the waiver wire.  The second you get rid of Kirilenko, you're looking for somebody just like him, and that player doesn't exist (Bonzi Wells is the closest player statistically to Andrei).
4. Let's hope it doesn't happen, but there is at least some chance that Eddy Curry will drop dead on the basketball court.  And I'm sad to say, that might actually help your team.

If you need more evidence that it doesn't take much to be a fantasy expert, check out Sportsline Roto Mock Draft , with '14 of its best basketball minds'.  Caution: don't drink milk while checking out the draft results.

Since it seems like I end every blog with a list, here's my list of top 10 guys you'll never see on one of my fantasy teams.  Some of these guys do have value, but they're usually drafted well before I would consider picking them.  Others are guys that would kill you in the shooting categories, and I generally try to stay near the top in those two cats.

1. Shaquille O'Neal (avg. pick: 17th!!!)
2. Desmond Mason (85th)
3. Eddy Curry (93rd)
4. Ben Wallace (32nd)
5. Antoine Walker (58th)
6. Jamaal Magloire (73rd)
7. Kenyon Martin (55th)
8. Carmelo Anthony (39th)
9. Al Harrington (72nd)
10. Steve Francis (21st)
Honorable Mention: Zach Randolph, Baron Davis, Tim Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal

Fantasy Hoops

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What happens when you get 2 MBA's together to tackle the world of fantasy basketball?  The results can be scary.

My buddy, Marc Fredman and I, joined forces two years ago and signed up 3 teams on ESPN.  One of our teams reached as high as 3rd among the tens of thousands of teams on ESPN.  The grand prize was a 32-inch plasma TV.  We were right there at the end but finished 7th overall  (in order to win it all, you'd need some level of cooperation from the other members of your league).

Thankfully, we stumbled across the CBS Sportsline  money leagues and realized this was the way to go.  Instead of busting our chops for the next to impossible chance of winning the one overall ESPN prize, we could easily win enough leagues on CBS to buy our own freakin' plasmas or whatever else we wanted.   Sportsline has different levels, but the best payout is the Platinum leagues -- $100 for the first team, $80 for each additional.  For each league you win, you get $600.  We signed up 6 different teams, so we only need to win 1 out of 6 leagues to make our money back, and winning all six will give us a nice return of over $1,500 each.  I'd estimate that I've won about 65%-75% of all fantasy leagues that I've participated in over the past five years, so turning at least some profit won't be a problem.

All of our leagues are standard 12-team, 8-category (no turnovers) roto leagues with weekly line-up changes.  The weekly line-up is a new format for me, and it presents new challenges such as tracking match-ups and injuries closely and deciding who to start and who to bench for the upcoming week.  The nice thing is the level of micro-management is less than a daily league.  Plus, since we only have to win our league to get paid, I'm hoping some teams will be able to just coast to victory.

Marc, being a Kellogg grad, is more of the visionary, strategic thinker.  He's always on the lookout for waiver wire pick-ups and potential blockbuster trades.  I'm the University of Chicago MBA, so obviously I'm the numbers guy.  I developed the models we use to draft, analyze potential trades and deciding who to start.  Marc & I worked together in London back in 2000 while in a rotational program at a very large bank.  We combined our skills in the workplace as well, to the point where the department head called us 'the greatest team they ever had'.  And this was despite Marc's tendency to come strolling in to the office at 10:30 am.

Fantasy basketball is the perfect opportunity for us to join forces again.  First of all, basketball numbers are much more predictable than baseball or football on a game-by-game basis.  You don't know whether Albert Pujols is going to hit a homer on a given day or if a running back is going to score 0, 1, or 2 TD's in a given week (unless your LdT), but you can be pretty certain that Kevin Garnett is going to give you somewhere around 21-10 on a given night.

Also, I believe there is a greater degree of arbitrage in fantasy hoops.  There can be a huge discrepancy between perceived value and fantasy value.  A fantasy basketball player is simply a set of 8 numbers, one for each category.  It doesn't matter how spectacular or how dominant that player is on the court.  The best example is Shaq -- continually he's drafted in the 1st of 2nd round although he's an automatic death sentence for your team and is a Top 100 fantasy player at best.  It's amazing that even some professional fantasy columnists don't even understand this.  The Diesel was the top-rated center  by the 'experts' at CBS Sportsline.  Other overrated players include Tim Duncan, Jermaine O'Neal, Steve Francis, Zach Randolph, Jamaal Magloire and Desmond Mason.

A related arbitrage is the fact that teams tend to overvalue points and rebounds and undervalue the other categories.  Marc & I try to exploit these arbitrage opportunities via trades and build teams with the best chance of winning their respective leagues.  I'll keep you posted on our progress as the season progresses.

As for now, I'll leave you with our top 40 fantasy players based on our projections for the rest of the season.  Our model, named Lil Penny, projects each players week-to-week stats based on number of games, opponents, home vs. away, etc.  Shaq's ranked 75th.

1. Garnett,Kevin
2. James,Lebron
3. Marion,Shawn
4. Nowitzki,Dirk
5. Arenas,Gilbert
6. Iverson,Allen
7. Pierce,Paul
8. Wade,Dwyane
9. Allen,Ray
10. Mcgrady,Tracy
11. Camby,Marcus
12. Duncan,Tim
13. Nash,Steve
14. Bryant,Kobe
15. Brand,Elton
16. Kidd,Jason
17. Billups,Chauncey
18. Lewis,Rashard
19. Davis,Baron
20. Ming,Yao
21. Carter,Vince
22. O'Neal,Jermaine
23. Jefferson,Richard
24. Kirilenko,Andrei
25. Wallace,Rasheed
26. Redd,Michael
27. Webber,Chris
28. Jamison,Antawn
29. Francis,Steve
30. Odom,Lamar
31. Stojakovic,Peja
32. Gasol,Pau
33. Artest,Ron
34. Bosh,Chris
35. Davis,Ricky
36. Marbury,Stephon
37. Miller,Brad
38. Maggette,Corey
39. Bibby,Mike
40. Paul,Chris

Golf Course Rankings

12/06/2005 1 comments
Last updated: February 5, 2011

Click links to find relevant blog posts.

1.BallynealPacific DunesRoyal County Down-Championship
2.Cypress PointBallyneal Golf and Hunt ClubPacific Dunes
3.Pacific DunesSt. Andrews (Old)Ballybunion-Old
4.St. Andrews (Old)Sand HillsBallyneal
5.RivieraBlackwolf Run (River)Sand Hills
6.Friar's HeadWhistling Straits (Straits)Lahinch-Old
7.Sand HillsPebble Beach Golf LinksBandon Dunes
8.Crystal DownsArcadia BluffsDoonbeg
9.Los Angeles Country Club (North)Bandon DunesOld Head
10.Bandon DunesKingsbarnsWhistling Straits-Straits
11.KingsbarnsPrinceville Resort (Prince)Blackwolf Run-River
12.The Ocean CourseKapalua (Plantation)Kingsley Club
13.The Kingsley ClubWorld Woods (Pine Barrens)Royal Portrush-Dunluce
14.Blackwolf Run (River)Paa-Ko-RidgeArcadia Bluffs
15.Whistling Straits (Straits)Carnoustie (Championship)Sea Island-Seaside
16.Bethpage BlackKingsley ClubGreywalls
17.Pinehurst (No. 2)GreywallsWorld Woods-Pine Barrens
18.Carnoustie (Championship)Eagle Ridge (The General)Bandon Trails
19.Bandon TrailsLinks at Spanish BayPaa-Ko-Ridge
20.SebonackSea Island (Seaside)Blackwolf Run-Meadow Valleys
21.YaleSt. Andrews (New)Eagle Ridge-The General
22.World Woods (Pine Barrens)Spyglass HillCaledonia
23.TPC Sawgrass (Players)Blackwolf Run (Meadow Valleys)Reynolds Plantation-Oconee
24.GreywallsWild HorseCuscowilla
25.Olympia Fields (North)Black MesaWorld Woods-Rolling Oaks
26.Cal Club of San FranciscoRich Harvest Golf LinksVista Vallarta-Nicklaus
27.Harbour TownBlack SheepBlack Sheep
28.Monterey Peninsula (Shore)Dunes ClubSandpines
29.Black MesaPoint O'WoodsTPC at Sawgrass-Stadium
30.Arcadia BluffsCog Hill (Dubsdread)The Frog
31.Colorado Golf ClubLost Canyons (Sky)Black Lake
32.Blackwolf Run (Meadow Valleys)Troon North (Pinnacle)Black Mesa
33.ShoreacresReynolds Plantation (Oconee)Treetops-Masterpiece
34.Paa-Ko RidgeTPC at Sawgrass (Stadium)Lost Dunes
35.Black SheepWhistling Straits (Irish)Waterville
36.Olympia Fields (South)Karsten CreekErin Hills
37.Fenway Golf ClubOlympia Fields (North)Cog Hill No. 4
38.Erin HillsBulle Rock (South)Forest Dunes
39.Whistling Straits (Irish)University RidgeBarefoot Landing-Love
40.Cog Hill (Dubsdread)World Woods (Rolling Oaks)Chestatee
41.Butler NationalButler NationalCherokee Run
42.World Woods (Rolling Oaks)Disney (Osprey Ridge)Thousand Oaks
43.Eagle Ridge (The General)Olde StonewallUniversity Ridge
44.Rich Harvest LinksPumpkin Ridge (Ghost Creek)TPC at Deere Run
45.TPC at Deere RunLongabergerSt. Ives
46.University RidgeTreetops (Masterpiece)Bay Harbor-Links/Quarry
47.Torrey Pines (South)Eagle Ridge (South)Pumpkin Ridge-Ghost Creek
48.The Links at Spanish BayEagle Ridge (North)The Witch
49.Forest DunesLawsonia (Links)Reynolds Plantation-The National
50.Tobacco RoadErin HillsSentry World
51.St. Andrews (New)Lost DunesThe Dunes
52.The HarvesterThe HarvesterThe Broadmoor-East
53.Barona CreekTorrey Pines (South)Tidewater
54.LongabergerLost Canyons (Shadow)Tullymore
55.Pinehurst #8Thousand OaksWalt Disney World-Osprey Ridge
56.Treetops (Masterpiece)Tournament Club of IowaWeaver Ridge
57.Pinehurst #4Boulders (South)The Bull at Pinehurst Farms
58.WeaverRidgeBarefoot Resort (Love)Cantigny
59.SentryWorldTPC at Deere RunThe Orchards
60.Lost Canyons (Sky)Olympia Fields (South)Running Y Ranch
61.Disney (Osprey Ridge)Caledonia Golf and Fish ClubDooks
62.The FrogThe Dunes Golf and Beach ClubBoyne Highlands-Arthur Hills
63.St. IvesSewickley HeightsTreetops-Premier
64.The BullPaiute (Wolf)Eagle Ridge-North
65.Lost Canyons (Shadow)The WitchSun River-Crosswater
67.CantignyWeaverRidgeTrappers Turn
68.Lawsonia (Links)Amana ColoniesTrue North
69.Barefoot Landing (Love)Troon North (Monument)Yarrow
70.Troon North (Monument)Branson CreekWindermere
71.Pumpkin Ridge (Ghost Creek)The Royal Fox Golf ClubSea Island-Retreat
72.St. Andrews (Jubilee)Barton Creek (Fazio Foothills)The Reserve Vineyards-South
73.Barefoot Landing (Fazio)Nemacolin Woodlands (Mystic Rock)Bergamont
74.Pine MeadowPelican Hill (South)Little Traverse Bay
75.White ColumnsLas SendasGrande Dunes
76.Pinehurst #7Prairie LandingPorter's Neck
77.Olde StonewallKemper LakesWalt Disney World-Lake Buena Vista
78.The Trophy ClubSunriver (Crosswater)Eagle Ridge-South
79.Kemper LakesCantignyMyrtle Beach National-King's North
80.Black LakeReserve Vineyards (South)Old Works
81.Thousand OaksSand PinesShepherd's Hollow
82.Tournament Club of IowaWindermereCoyote Creek
83.Bay HarborThe FrogPine Meadow
84.East Sussex National (East)Treetops (Signature)Thunderhawk
85.Prairie View (IN)St. Andrews (Jubilee)Geneva National-Palmer
86.WoodmontThe BullTPC at Sawgrass-Valley
87.ChestateePine MeadowBrickyard Crossings
88.Grand National (Lakes)Black LakeHill Crest
89.Geneva National (Palmer)Treetops (Premiere)Grand National-Lake
90.Meadows Del MarChestateeGrand Geneva-Trevino
91.The MinesBay HarborGrand National-Links
92.Vista VerdeForest DunesThe Royal Fox Golf Club
93.Treetops (Premier)Geneva National (Palmer)Bowes Creek
94.AviaraCoyote CreekOrchard Valley
95.Eagle Ridge (South)St. IvesHeritage Bluffs
96.Brickyard CrossingCherokee RunWild Wing-Avocet
97.StonebridgeReynolds Plantation (The National)Foxford Hills
98.Grand National (Links)Eagle's PointeGlen Dornoch
99.Conway FarmsStonebridgeChalet Hills
100.The RavinesChalet HillsWaters Edge
101.Treetops (Signature)MaderasKemper Lakes
102.Eagle Ridge (North)CobblestoneBlack Thorn
103.ThunderhawkOrchard ValleyPrairie Landing
104.Prairie LandingThe Glen ClubPolson Country Club
105.Harborside (Starboard)Grayhawk (Talon)Black Stone
106.The BogLa Cantera (Resort)White Tail Ridge
107.Harborside (Port)The Ridge at Castle Pines NorthGeneva National-Player
108.Waverly OaksTidewater Golf Course and PlantationTwin Warriors
109.Las SendasMeadows Del MarBig Run
110.Kiawah (Osprey Point)White EagleSandia
111.WindermereQuicksilverThe Glen Club
112.Cherokee RunHeritage BluffsUniversity of New Mexico-Championship
113.Bear SlideGeorge W. Dunne NationalOak Ridge
114.True NorthDisney (Eagle Pines)Sunriver-Woodlands
115.Boyne Highlands (Hills)FalconheadThe Trophy Club
116.Twin WarriorsTullymoreHawks Landing
117.Murphy CreekThe Trophy ClubBroken Arrow
118.IvanhoeWarren Course (UND)Lake Arrowhead-Pines
119.Disney (Eagle Pines)ThunderhawkMistwood
120.CobblestoneBear SlideMakray Memorial
121.YarrowGrande DunesLake Arrowhead-Lake
122.Northern BayTPC at Sawgrass (Valley)Stonewall Orchard
123.Grande DunesPrairie View (IN)Bolingbrook
124.Trappers TurnBlackthornCinder Ridge
125.TPC at Sawgrass (Valley)StoneridgeElgin Country Club
126.The Glen ClubCooks CreekEagle Ridge-East
127.BergamontOld WorksRuffled Feathers
128.The FortThe FortVillage Links of Glen Ellen
129.Talking Stick (North)Makena (North)Oregon Golf Association Members Course
130.Shaker RunThe TributeTokatee
131.Ozaukee Country ClubBergamontCog Hill-Course # 3
132.Towne Lake HillsBowe's CreekButte Country Club
133.Barefoot Landing (Dye)Sea Island (Retreat)Pontiac Elks
134.TidewaterPinon HillsShepherd's Crook
135.Purdue University (Kampen)Kishwaukee CCMissoula Country Club
136.Rock HollowMurphy CreekMyrtle Creek
137.Wildfire (Palmer)Foxford HillsGreen Garden-Blue
138.Heritage BluffsBoyne Highlands (Arthur Hills)The Sanctuary
139.Shepherd's CrookPilgrim's RunFox Bend
140.Amana ColoniesGeneva National (Player)Polson Country Club-Executive
141.Orchard ValleyBirdsfootMission Mountain
142.Warren Course (UND)MistwoodDouble Arrow
143.ThoroughbredTPC at Tampa BayGolden Ocala
144.Mid PinesShaker RunBlackberry Oaks
145.UNM (Championship)Grand Geneva (The Brute)Wedgewood
146.Bear Trace (Tims Ford)Trappers TurnPrairie Bluff
147.Cooks CreekBarton Creek (Palmer)Oak Brook
148.Eagle VinesDisney (Lake Buena Vista)Kissimmee
149.Barefoot Landing (Norman)GlenwoodieLost Nation
150.Disney (Lake Buena Vista)Golf Club of IllinoisSpringbrook
151.Lawsonia (Woodlands)Grayhawk (Raptor)Echo Farms
152.SandiaThe BogFairmont Hot Springs
153.BlackthornBos LandenThe Cape
154.Disney (Palm)Wolf CreekGlen Eagles-Red
155.Little Traverse BayPolson CCOak Club of Genoa
156.Foxford HillsGolden OcalaOak Meadows
157.Highlands of ElginElgin CCGlendale Lakes
158.Legends (Heathland)Geneva National (Trevino)Naperbrook
159.QuicksilverUniversity of New MexicoKline Creek
160.Pilgrim's RunOld CarolinaOak Grove
161.Makray MemorialHillcrestMill Creek
162.Geneva National (Player)Ruffled FeathersHamilton
163.St. Andrews (Eden)Sugarmill WoodsPottawatomie
164.SandpinesBrickyard CrossingVillage Greens of Woodridge
165.La Costa (South)Myrtle Beach National (King's North)Hughes Creek
166.GreystoneWild Wing Plantation (Avocet)St. Andrews-Lakewood
167.Hawk's ViewGold Mountain (Olympic)Timber Trails
168.Chalet HillsLinks at Spring ChurchSt. Andrews-St. Andrews
169.Village Links of Glen EllynThe Legacy at Lakewood RanchBlackhawk
170.Bent TreeBarona CreekWestview
171.Players Club at FoxfireBarton Creek (Crenshaw)Park Hills
172.Cyprian KeyesChampion LakesSettler's Hill
173.MistwoodOlde HomesteadLake of the Woods
174.Eagle's PointeLake Arrowhead (Pines)White Pines-East
175.White Deer RunInvernessCarillon
176.Crescent PointeTurnberryBrookings
177.Deer RunAurora CCThe Highlands
178.Whitehawk RanchYankee TraceSugar Creek
179.Myrtle CreekRunning YSydney R. Marovitz
180.Whisper CreekFountaingroveCanturbury
181.The Course at AberdeenWhitetail RidgeUniversity of Illinois-Orange
182.White Hawk Country ClubBlackstoneRandall Oaks
183.Talking Stick (South)Tom's RunUniversity of Illinois-Blue
184.Grand Geneva (The Brute)Grand National (Lake)Indian Lakes-East
185.Sawgrass C.C.Grand National (Links)Pheasant Run
186.Golden OcalaSt. Andrews #1 (IL)Spartan Meadow
187.Kiawah (Turtle Point)BolingbrookFox Valley
188.St. Charles Country ClubWynstoneArizona Executive Course
189.Lake Arrowhead (Pines)Painted DunesSycamore
190.Cranberry HighlandsGlen DornochNorth Carolina Executive Course.
191.Yankee TraceWhisper CreekTwin Lakes
192.Hilton Head NationalMissoula CCIllinois Executive Course.
193.Water's EdgeStonewaterZigfield and Troy
194.Old CarolinaEagle Vines
195.Palmetto Dunes (RTJ)Golf Club at Savannah Harbor
196.EaglesticksCog Hill #2
197.Oyster ReefCranberry Highlands
198.Naples GrandeTrue North
199.Plum Tree NationalCrosswater (Woodlands)
200.Palmetto Dunes (Hills)Water's Edge
201.Oak GrovePort Royal Plantation (Robber's Row)
202.Cumberland TrailThe Madison Club
203.Cog Hill #2Spencer T. Olin
204.Sugarmill WoodsShipyard Plantation
205.Grand Geneva (Highlands)Cumberland Trail
206.Schaumburg Golf ClubCircle C Ranch
207.Klein CreekTwin Warriors
208.Palmetto Dunes (G. Fazio)The Diplomat
209.George W. Dunne NationalPlayers Club at Foxfire
210.Stonewall OrchardVillage Links of Glen Ellyn
211.Golf Club of IllinoisLinks at Sierra Blanca
212.Ruffled FeathersArrowhead
213.Meadows Golf CourseOglebay Resort (Palmer)
214.Palmetto Hall (Cupp)Lindenwood
215.Georgia Veterans Golf CourseCedarbrook (Gold)
216.Inverness Country ClubMission Mountain
217.Geneva National (Trevino)Turtle Bay
218.Seville Golf ClubSeville Golf Club
219.Lake Arrowhead (Lakes)Fox Hollow
220.Oregon Golf Association Members CourseChickasaw Point
221.Prairie BluffThe Bandit
222.Dunes WestEstrella Mountain
223.Balmoral WoodsBloomingdale Golfer's Club
224.SteeplechaseSeven Springs Mountain Resort
225.Glen View ClubSouthpointe
226.Hawks LandingSandia
227.Port Royal (Robber's Row)Eaglesticks
228.GatewayHawk's Landing
229.Southern WoodsYarrow
230.Shipyard PlantationDeer Run
231.Golf Club at Savannah HarborLittle Traverse Bay
232.World Woods (Short)Oak Grove
233.Eagle Ridge (East)Diamondback GC
234.Sea Pines (Ocean)Silver Ridge
235.Rockford Country ClubNemacolin Woodlands (Links)
236.ArboretumPrairie Bluff
237.OdysseyCog Hill #1
238.ArrowheadKissimmee Bay
239.Stow Acres (South)Itasca CC
240.Diamondback Golf ClubHilldale
241.Planter's RowPrairie View (IL)
242.Cinder RidgeOGA Members Course at Tukwila
243.Willow CrestArizona
244.BolingbrookPalmetto Dunes (G. Fazio)
245.Marsh CreekSettler's Hill
246.Brighton Dale (Blue Spruce)St. Andrews #2 (IL)
247.Brighton Dale (White Birch)Cimarron Trails
248.Lake Michigan HillsRedtail
249.Cog Hill #1Cinder Ridge
250.Aldeen Golf ClubPinecrest
251.Red TailLincoln Hills
252.Blackberry OaksConley Resort
253.Marengo RidgeButte CC
254.Wilmette Golf ClubGleneagles (White)
255.Cog Hill #3Spencer CC
256.Mill CreekEdgebrook Golf Club
257.Barony Golf CourseSouthern Woods
258.Beverley Hills C.C.Wilmette GC
259.Edgebrook Golf ClubJekyll Island Golf Resort (Pine Lakes)
260.Gulf HarborFox Bend
261.Fox BendWedgewood
262.Prairie WoodsMarengo Ridge
264.White Pines (West)Double Arrow
265.Geneva Country ClubCog Hill #3
266.PinecrestBurr Hill
267.St. Andrews #1 (IL)Hamilton GC
268.Bradshaw FarmsFairmont Hot Springs
269.Oak Club of GenoaBrooks GC
270.Morris Country ClubSchaumburg GC
271.Streamwood OaksBlackberry Oaks
272.RailsideWinnetka GC
273.WedgewoodBradshaw Farms
274.Silver RidgeNorth Park
275.Saddlebrook (Saddlebrook)Pine Creek
276.Links at CarillonCypress Ridge
277.Nettle CreekSpartan Meadows
278.TamarackBartlett Hills
279.Burr HillBuffalo Grove
280.Fox Lake Country ClubOak Club of Genoa
281.Bent Creek Golf ResortBroken Arrow
282.Boone CreekCrystal Woods
283.CanterburyCopeland Hills
284.Settler's HillSaxon
285.St. Andrews #2 (IL)Rittswood
286.Fox ValleyHickory Heights
287.Bartlett HillsMaple Meadows
288.PottawatomieAldeen Golf Club
289.Amana ColoniesTamarack
290.Village Greens of WoodridgeLinks at Carillon
291.Lake ArrowheadPolson CC (9 Hole)
292.Hughes CreekThe Highlands
293.Castle RockVillage Greens of Woodrige
294.Spartan MeadowsRandall Oaks
295.Lake of the WoodsHughes Creek
296.Glendale LakesEagle Ridge (East)
297.Randall OaksPottawatomie
298.Pheasant RunWorld Woods (Short)
299.PrestburyDesert Pines
300.BrookhillMill Creek
302.U of I (Orange)Castle Shannon
303.Country LakesSuncrest
304.Bonnie DundeeLake of the Woods
305.SycamoreLake Arrowhead (Lakes)
306.Haste HillBlackhawk
307.U of I (Blue)Tokatee
308.Apple OrchardPersimmon
309.Peter JansPoplar Creek
310.Rolling KnollsGlendale Lakes
311.Valley GreenGlengarry Golf Links
312.Phillips ParkLakeside
313.Paradise Valley
315.Fox Run Golf Links
316.Tam O'Shanter of PA
317.Castle Hills
318.Pittsburgh North
319.Fox Valley
320.Miami Shores
321.U of I (Orange)
322.Country Lakes
323.Pheasant Run
327.Villa Olivia
328.Tanna Farms
329.Hartmann's Deep Valley
330.Lake Arthur CC
331.Stoughten Acres
332.U of I (Blue)
334.Venango Trail
336.South Carolina
337.Clover Hill
338.Franklin Park
339.Apple Orchard
340.Arizona (Executive)
341.Phillips Park
342.Green Valley
343.Valley Green
344.Hickory Hills (North)
345.Pocono Palace
346.Strawberry Ridge

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