Welcome to Wegoblogger #31, the official blog of Jim Colton.  You can expect 3 topics to be covered in this blog:

1) Golf.  I'm a 3-4 handicap and have been playing golf for nearly 20 years.  I play most of my golf at Prairie Landing in West Chicago, IL and somehow managed to play over 80 rounds in 2005.  I also recently had my first hole-in-one on the 17th hole  out at PL in September!  My plan is to include my exclusive course rankings of the over 250 courses that I've played, as well as listing the rankings of my close friend and golf adversary Jefe, who has played over 300 courses (I plan on catching him soon).  Combined, we have nearly all of the great courses in the US (and some in the UK) covered, so you'll get the definitive scoop on courses that you may be thinking about playing in the near future.

2) College Hoops.  I am a Fighting Illini hoops junkie, so you'll get some commentary on that front.  Also, I have developed my own college rating system, called the JCI.  It's similar to the RPI -- the system used by the NCAA to rank and seed teams come tourney time.  The JCI is far superior to the RPI and perhaps matched only by the popular Sagarin ratings in terms of providing an accurate, unbiased ranking of a team's wins and losses.  I've had some interesting conversations w/ Bob Bowlsby, the head of the NCAA selection committee about the RPI and potential changes, so hopefully I'll share the continued dialog in my personal crusade to fix the selection process (or just abolish the RPI).  I plan on posting the JCI weekly here.

3) NBA Hoops -- Namely, fantasy basketball.  My friend, Marc F. and I went in together on six different money leagues on CBS Sportsline .  The winner of each league gets $600.  We're hoping to win at least 4-5 of these leagues and turn a nice profit.  Two years ago, Marc & I teamed up on ESPN fantasy hoops and nearly won the whole thing.  This year, we've taken the level of analysis on fantasy hoops to another level, to the point where I would call myself a full-fledged fantasy basketball expert (in fact, I was just named Chief Talent Officer and Director of Player Development for my buddy Pud, aka D.A.P., who's in a big, big money league of his own). 

I've created an Excel spreadsheet (sadly this is what I do in my free time) that projects the weekly stats for over 280 players each remaining week of the season based on # of games, home/away, opponents, etc.  The CBS line-ups are set weekly so it's important to get them right.  The spreadsheet is so amazing, it had to be given a name (Lil Penny).  We use it to quickly analyze the impact of trades, free agent pick-ups, and to pick who to start each week.  So far, it has worked out really well.  Stay tuned for weekly updates on our progress as well as commentary on NBA players from a fantasy perspective.


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