I didn't even have to use my A.K...


Sweet day today in the life of Jim Colton.  My 3-year old son Jordan and I went down to Champaign to watch the Illini play Coppin State.  This was Jordan's first game at Assembly Hall, aka The House of 'Paign.  Not an overly exciting game, but it was cool to be there for some father-son bonding.  Jordan was impressed with the sea of orange and amused the crowd around us with his 'Dee for Three!' cheers.  Jordan almost made his dad shed a tear when he recited the 'Alma Mater' word for word at halftime, and crossed his arms along w/ the 'Chieeeeef'.

To top it off, the Wegobombers reclaimed first place in my absence with a thrilling double-overtime win against the former first-place team.  Aaron 'Rug' Kilburg, who's probably the only guy on the team who averages less shot attempts than I do, calmly buried a 17-footer from the baseline to win the game.  Way to go, Rug!  Hopefully, we can keep it going, however our next game isn't for 3 weeks because of the holidays.


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