Introducing the Frelton Spencers


Here's an overview of the six fantasy basketball teams that I mentioned in a previous post .  I'll keep you updated every couple of weeks on our attempt to win as much as $1,500 each if we win all six leagues.

The name originates from our ESPN team  from two years ago -- combining our names (Jim Colton/MarcFredman) we came up with Jamar Frelton (clever, huh?) and the Spencers comes from long-time NBA journeyman Felton Spencer .  We thought it appropriate to continue the Spencer legacy.

Ray Allen, Sam Cassell, Jason Terry, Delonte West, Stephen Jackson
Forwards: Kevin Garnett, Andrei Kirilenko, Grant Hill, Donyell Marshall, P.J. Brown, Udonis Haslem, James Posey
Centers: Yao Ming
Current Standings: 63 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 66)
Projected Standings: 78 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 63)
Deals: Traded Richard Jefferson/Tayshaun Prince for Kirilenko/James Jones (Week 2); Traded Mike Bibby/Zaza Pachulia for Yao/Marshall (Week 6)
Plus: Winning the Garnett lottery; drafting R-Jeff in 4th round & Cassell in 9th round
Minus: Kirilenko goes down w/ ankle sprain on the day we trade for him (I was at the game when it happened); some late round picks (Stromile Swift - 8th; Al Jefferson - 10th; Eddie Griffin - 12th) don't deliver
Outlook: It's hard not to win your league when you have Garnett.  This team is stacked, and should be ready to surge with Kirilenko finally at full strength and Grant Hill set to debut soon.  Recent Yao/Donyell acquisition should help tremendously.

Ray Allen, Tracy McGrady, Boris Diaw, Shane Battier, Speedy Claxton
Forwards: Shawn Marion, Corey Maggette, Carlos Boozer, Tayshaun Prince, Kyle Korver, Al Jefferson
Centers: Mehmet Okur, Raef LaFrentz
Current Standings: 55 pts, 6th place (1st place = 76, tie)
Projected Standings: 70 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 65)
Deals: Traded Rashard Lewis/Samuel Dalembert for Marion/LaFrentz (today)
Plus: drafting Rashard in the 3rd round, Okur in 10th round; stumbling upon Shane Battier off the waiver wire; BORIS DIAW (Marc snatched him up on four of our six teams and he has been huge.)
Minus: BOOZER (5th round), James Jones (9th), Marquis Daniels (10th), Marquis Daniels (11th), Shaun Livingston (12th), and Antonio Daniels (13th). 
Outlook: This team started off in a huge hole with injuries to McGrady, Maggette, Dalembert, and Boozer (rhymes with...).  Will Boozer ever come back?  This dude has some bad karma or something -- maybe it has something to do with stabbing the Cavs and their blind owner in the back .  Now the fans in Utah are turning against him as well.  This team was heavily skewed in 3PM and FT% and projected to finish 2nd prior to Marion trade (a nice early Christmas present).

Allen Iverson, Mike Bibby, Sam Cassell, Boris Diaw, Smush Parker, Raja Bell
Forwards: Dirk Nowitzki, Richard Jefferson, Darius Miles, Kyle Korver, Wally Szczerbiak, Nick Collison
Centers: Yao Ming
Current Standings: 81.5 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 61.5)
Projected Standings: 71 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 65)
Deals: Traded Marcus Camby/Michael Redd for Nowitzki (Week 2)
Plus: drafting Camby in the 7th round (what a steal!), Jefferson in 4th, Cassell in 8th, Miles in 12th; BORIS DIAW (if I fail to mention him in every team's 'plus' category, Marc will be offended).
Minus: Injury to Miles.
Outlook: This team is crusing.  Huge surplus in PTS and AST will probably facilitate a trade at some point, but it may not even be necessary.  Camby/Redd for Nowitzki trade looked like a huge win for us at first, but both Camby and Redd have continued to play at a high-level.  We'll stop kicking ourselves when Mr. Glass inevitably breaks, but for the time being he's the #1 fantasy player for the year.  However, getting Nowitzki, a top 5 player, is nothing to sneeze at.

Dwyane Wade, Cuttino Mobley, Shane Battier, Boris Diaw, Joe Johnson, Jameer Nelson
Forwards: Paul Pierce, Corey Maggette, Tayshaun Prince, Drew Gooden, Al Jefferson
Centers: Samuel Dalembert, Joel Przybilla
Current Standings: 71 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 79)
Projected Standings: 67 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 69)
Deals: Traded Alonzo Mourning for Shane Battier (Week 5) ; traded Rashard Lewis for Corey Maggette/Drew Gooden (Week 7)
Plus: Pierce has been incredible -- near LeBron-type numbers; rode Alonzo Mourning while Shaq was out and swapped him for Battier right as Shaq was set to come back (sucker!); BORIS DIAW!!!
Minus: Joe Johnson (4th round) has been disappointing; Kurt Thomas (5th), James Jones (8th) and Eddie Griffin (10th) were all wasted picks.
Outlook: Probably one trade (for a point guard) away from getting over the top.  Had a potential deal for Webber get voted down by the league and commissioner.

Dwyane Wade, Jason Kidd, Boris Diaw, Luke Ridnour, Sarunas Jasikevicius, Raja Bell
Forwards: Paul Pierce, Tayshaun Prince, Donyell Marshall, Kyle Korver, Josh Smith
Centers: Yao Ming, Amare Stoudemire
Current Standings: 69.5 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 85)
Projected Standings: 78 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 79)
Deals: Traded Richard Jefferson/Morris Peterson for Kidd/Korver (Week 3) ; traded Chris Bosh for Yao (Week 5); traded Zaza Pachulia for Josh Smith (Week 6); traded Cuttino Mobley for Ridnour (Week 7).
Plus: Pierce delivers again; landing Kidd and Yao should help tremendously; BORIS DIAW!!!
Minus: Stromile Swift in the 8th round (yikes!)
Outlook: Easily the most active and most competitive league we're in.  The first place team has been cruising, but he just traded away Garnett (for Elton Brand).  However, the next day he turned around and landed Camby for very little (Oh Camby, Camby, Camby, when will you go down?  Marc is making a voodoo doll.) We'll probably hang back in 2nd until Amare gets back, but it looks like it's going to be neck-and-neck down the stretch.

Tracy McGrady, Andre Iguodala, Manu Ginobili, Joe Johnson, Delonte West, Sarunas Jasikevicius
Forwards: Rashard Lewis, Corey Maggette, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Nick Collison
Centers: Samuel Dalembert
Current Standings: 51 pts, 9th place (1st place = 68.5)
Projected Standings: 58 pts, 4th place (1st place = 67)
Deals: None
Plus: None
Minus: Lots and lots of injuries, disappointing play early on, BOOZER!!!
Outlook: We did this draft about a week into the season, and we were dancing in the streets afterwards.  We were calling this draft 'the Perfect Storm' because of all the players that were falling to us -- Kirilenko in 2, Maggette in 5, Iguodala in 6, Ginobili in 7, Dalembert in 11.  But this team has gotten off to a very slow start due to injuries (Kirilenko, McGrady, Maggette, Boozer, Dalembert and now Ginobili -- yikes!).  Our title hopes rest squarely on McGrady and Kirilenko.  If they can get back to their normal top 10 levels, we probably win this league.


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