Scottie Pippen


Mad love for Scottie Pippen , who's getting his number retired by the Bulls tonight when they play the Lakers.  People tend to forget just how good Scottie was in his prime.  He was truly one of the best all-around players to play in the NBA and easily one of the most tenacious defenders of all time.

Scottie could D-up against just about anybody, big or small.  I remember when the Bulls played the Pacers in the finals in '98, and the Pacers had been rolling through the playoffs.  Nobody was able to stop Mark Jackson, who kept posting up smaller guards and doing that annoying shimmy-shake after every made basket (topped only by Quentin Richardson's headband bump and Shaq's jello walk).  Well, Scottie quickly put an end to Jackson's shimmy by shutting him down to the point where Jackson was so utterly ineffective they stopped playing him altogether later in the series.

People always talk about how Jordan got cut from the basketball team (it was the varsity squad and he was a freshman, but people don't mention that), but how about Scottie going from college towel boy at an unknown school to one of the top 50 players of all time?  Truly remarkable.  Congratulations, Scottie.  Well deserved.


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