Wegobomber Update, Game #8


The Wegobombers were victorious tonight, winning 90-56 in slaugter-rule fashion (if you're up by 30 w/ less than 5 minutes left, the mercifully end the game early).  We used to win via slaughter regularly -- this was our first one this year.

So the Wegobombers are currently 6-2 and in 2nd in place.  Next week, we play the first place team in a must win.

So, did I hit a 3?  Nope.  Missed a baseline 3 early on the game.  I was tempted to torque up another one late in the game since it was out of hand, but decided against it.  I was happy to see my buddy Duker light it up tonight, finally getting himself out of a recent slump and burying a couple 3's to go along with a dazzling array of inside and outside buckets.  It seemed like every time I passed to him, he scored.  He did turn his ankle in the closing minutes of the game -- hopefully he's alright.

Final stat line: 5 pts on 2-of-4 shooting, 6-7 boards, and probably 7-8 assists.


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