Current Thinking...Feb 23


A lot of games last night between ranked teams: Ohio State/Michigan St, Florida/Tennessee, UNC/NC State leads to some shake-up in my seed lines. I'll continue to post my current thinking leading up to the tournament.

1: Duke, Connecticut, Villanova, Memphis
2: George Washington, Tennessee, Texas, Gonzaga
3: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Illinois, Georgetown
4: North Carolina, Iowa, North Carolina St, LSU
5: Florida, West Virginia, Michigan St, Boston College
6: Michigan, Bucknell, Marquette, Oklahoma
7: Kansas, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Wisconsin
8: Wichita St, UCLA, Kentucky, George Mason
9: Washington, Missouri St, Florida St, Northern Iowa
10: Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Creighton
11: Seton Hall, Nevada, Louisville, Maryland
12: Arizona, Hofstra, Bradley, Virginia

WHAT I THINK THEY WOULD BE (differences due to RPI)
1: Duke, Villanova, Connecticut, Memphis
2: Tennessee, Ohio State, Gonzaga, Texas
3: George Washington, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Illinois
4: Iowa, LSU, Michigan St, Georgetown
5: Oklahoma, North Carolina St, Wisconsin, Marquette
6: Michigan, Florida, West Virginia, UCLA
7: George Mason, Boston College, Cincinnati, Wichita St
8: Bucknell, Syracuse, Kansas, Missouri St
9: Arizona, Kentucky, Northern Iowa, Nevada
10: Creighton, Washington, Alabama, Bradley
11: Seton Hall, Indiana, UNC Wilmington, Arkansas
12: Florida St, Hofstra, Western Kentucky, Maryland


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