Steelers XL


Everybody knows that I'm a huge NFL fan, so you know I was glued to the set for the Super Bowl last night. I can claim the Steelers as my favorite football team, so obviously I was thrilled to see them beat the Seahawks. Seattle seemed to outplay the Steelers for the most part but were undone by costly and untimely penalties, poor clock management and questionable play calling throughout, while the Steelers seemed to get the big plays at just the right time. Cowher looked like a genius with his play calling...there's only one thing I love more than NFL Football and that's NFL Football w/ trick plays!

My celebration was only subdued by the ugly loss by the Illini to lowly Penn State the night before. My boy Jefe couldn't have described the loss any better when he called it 'a major kick in the nuts.' Penn State hadn't won a Big Ten road game in over four years! It's amazing how .1 second could possibly define the conference championship. Illinois has an uphill battle from here on out. Let's see how they respond at Ohio State this weekend.

More importantly, how far will the Illini drop in the JCI? Stay tuned.


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