Frelton Spencers Update...Last Night of the NBA Season


Welcome to the blood bath that is the final week of the NBA season. Can we get some live bodies out on the floor? With the play-off picture largely sewn up, many teams are choosing to rest up their marquis players to prepare for the playoffs (or the draft lottery). Nothing like a nice paid vacation for guys like Garnett (did you ever think you'd see KG shut down?), Lebron, Gasol and others. Unfortunately, this is really messing with the hopes and dreams of a lot of fantasy owners out there, to whom these last 3-4 games still have significant meaning.

With only one night to go, the success of my Frelton Spencer venture hangs perilously in the balance. This is crazy to think, but after 1,216 of 1,230 NBA games in the book, here I am sitting with 14 games left to determine whether I win 2 leagues or 5 leagues...a profit of either $1,200 or $3,000. Needless to say, I'm going to following these games closely.

So here's the outlook heading into the final night:

SPENCERS 1: Current: 81 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 80); Projected: 80 pts, T-1st place
Key Cat's: AST, STL, REB
Keys Injuries: Yao Ming, Andrei Kirilenko, Sam Cassell, Delonte West, Kevin Garnett

SPENCERS 2: Current: 67.5 pts, T-2nd place (1st place = 68); Projected: 69 pts, 1st place
Key Cat's: 3PM, STL, REB, AST, BLK, PTS.
Keys Injuries: Vladimir Radmanovic, Shawn Marion (please play!), Boris Diaw (finding out he was inactive for tonight ruined my afternoon), Chris Duhon (?), Rashad McCants (?)
Comment: Nearly every category is still up for grabs. Let's hope Ray Allen goes for that 3PT record.

SPENCERS 3: Current: 84 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 71); Projected: 84 pts, 1st place
Comment: This one has been wrapped up since about Week 7.

SPENCERS 4: Current: 75 pts, 1st place (2nd place = 65); Projected: 75 pts, 1st place
Comment: This one has been wrapped up since about Week 13.

SPENCERS 5: Current: 75 pts, 3rd place (1st place = 78.5); Projected: 74 pts, 3rd place
Key Cat's: Need a miracle.
Keys Injuries: Yao, Diaw, Jason Kidd, Dwyane Wade, Garnett, Amare Stoudamire
Comment: Losing Amare, Garnett and Yao on a team that needed rebounds to win was a huge blow.

SPENCERS 6: Current: 74 pts, 2nd place (1st place = 73); Projected: 77 pts, 1st place
Key Cat's: 3PM, REB, AST, PTS
Keys Injuries: LeBron (please play tonight), Marcus Camby, Gasol, Manu (?), McCants (?)
Comment: Also a lot of categories still on the line today. Currently projected to leapfrog some teams in REB, AST, and PTS, but it will only happen if Manu, LeBron and Camby suit up.

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