My Golf Swing


I posted my golf swing on youtube for all to see. After videotaping my swing over the weekend, I noticed some glaring problems that need to be fixed. Probably not the wisest thing to do only 12 days away from heading off to play Bandon Dunes, but I think it will help in the long run. Basically, my swing was getting out of whack and I didn't even realize it. I play a draw (it's takes every ounce of energy and concentration for me to be able to fade it, and even then it's still unlikely. In reality, a fade for me is a shot that draws about 2 yards), and lately I've been just aiming further and further left and putting more and more hook spin on it. The result was inconsistent results, far too much sidespin, and loss of trajectory and distance.

So what I'm going for is a more neutral set-up and swing. I cycled through the swing sequences on, and the best swing for me to try to emulate is actually Michelle Wie. It's not much fun to pattern my swing after a 16-year old girl, but she probably has one of the most fundamentally sound swings, man or woman, in the world. Thank you David Leadbetter. Now if she could only figure out how to win. Does Michelle have that killer instinct? Hard to say at the this point. If she does ever 'get it', she'll probably end up dominating the LPGA like Tiger did the PGA Tour from '97-'05. Basically look for a 10-year reign of terror from Wie if and when she finally puts it all together.

So the swing below is the 'new and improved' version, day one. The initial results were extremely promising, although I'm still far from the neutral set-up I was hoping for. Even when I think I'm aiming straight, the swing and set-up is still down the left side. It will take some time. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions for improvement, especially if your name is Leadbetter, Rick Smith, Butch Harmon, or Hank Haney.


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