Bandon Pics

5th Hole at Pacific Dunes. Jimbo birdied this hole twice.

Jimbo fires away from the deep stuff at the 3rd Hole at Pacific Dunes during the 1st ever Colton Cup match.

11th hole at Pacific Dunes, right on the ocean

3rd Hole at Pacific Dunes. Par 5. Sweet hole.

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Ken fires away on the 16th at Bandon Dunes

Our hero hits his drive on the 13th at Pacific Dunes, which could be the coolest and hardest hole on the course.

Jimbo on No. 13

18th Hole at Pacific Dunes, a par 5 finish

4th Hole at Pacific Dunes, an unbelivable view from the tee box.

Charles sends the dirt flying on his tee shot on No. 11, which more than likely went right and ended up in the gorse.

Ken and his trusted caddie Lisa, who saved him about 3-4 strokes per round.

What a good-looking group of guys.

No. 6 at Pacific Dunes, a short par 4.

Charles and his caddie Kallie off to find one of Charles' wayward tee shots.

14th at Bandon Trails, a short downhill par 4. You can drive this green, but it's hard to hold. I'm pin hign just left of the flag here.

The 13th at Bandon Trails, a real nice par-4 and one of the best holes on the course. The right bunker is death, but I hit in there both days (so did Jimbo).

Look! A golf cart on Bandon property. Not something you see everyday.

1st hole at Bandon Trails. Looks like you landed on the moon.

Another view of the 1st at Bandon Trails. The green is that little sliver in the upper left-hand corner. Looks tight, but there's actually plenty of room up there.

5th hole at Bandon Trails. This is the wackiest green I've ever played. Huge swale in the middle of the green. If you look closely, you'll see my tee shot right next to the pin.

Jimbo looking and acting like a kid on Christmas morning.

Jimbo hits into the green on No. 16, with no. 18 in the background. Notice the new clubhouse n the background, and the giant water tower overlooking the action.

Jim and Ken in front of one of the two giant water towers/eyesore at Sandpines

8th at Sandpines with the 9th in the background.

Charles dreams of someday having his name etched on the Curtis Cup trophy.

Charles does his best Ace Ventura and befriends the local animal life.

No. 2 at Sandpines


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