Colton Index in Washington Post Article

Check out this article in the Sunday March 4 edition of Washington Post (registration required) {Note: And syndicated in the March 5th edition of the Jackson County Oregon Mail Tribune! They love me in Southern Oregon.). Eric Prisbell discusses the rise in professional and amateur bracketology, the practice of trying to predict what the NCAA Selection Committee with do on Selection Sunday, and yours truly gets a plug for the tried and true Colton Index. I spoke with Eric last week for an about an hour on the rise in bracketology, but I also made him listen to my personal diatribe on the flaws on the RPI and how they can be fixed. I tackle bracketology different than Lunardi and Co...I don't try to predict what the Committee will do, I state my opinion on what the Committee should do if they're truly trying if they're trying to compare one teams wins and losses against another's. Eric definitely does a good job of capturing that distinction. Here's my part of the article:

"Others who regularly project the tournament field come from a different perspective. The pride of Jim Colton, a 33-year-old with an MBA from University of Chicago, is the mathematical rating system he derived, the Colton Index. Colton, who works at a Chicago bank, said he has had dialogue with two former selection committee members and would like nothing more than to see the committee do away with the RPI, which he considers flawed.

Colton represents the segment of the population, however small, that chooses to calibrate college basketball as much as celebrate it. One reason is that the selection process has become formulaic, according to ESPN analyst Jay Bilas."


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