Introducing the Colton Index

It's March. You know what that means. Get your Dickie V caps on (which I guess would be those bald 'wigs' that you get a novelty store), because it's March Madness baby! Awesome with a capital 'A'! (Is it just me or has Dickie V's act played out about five years ago?)

Anyways, enough about Dickie V. Almost as exciting as the actual tournament is the anticipation leading up to Selection Sunday. Who's on the bubble? What seed will Illinois get? How badly will the Tournament Selection Committee screw up this year? That's the buzz you'll be hearing for the next two weeks.

And since it's March, what better time to do some spring cleaning. I've made some changes to my JCI College Basketball ratings...not the methodology just the format. First off, I'm changing the name to the Colton Index. Puts me in line with Sagarin, Pomeroy and others. Instant credibility. Also, I'm moving the rankings to a dedicated site: There you will find a dedicated College Hoops Blog, although I will continue to post topics both here and there.

As part of the launch, I will be posting a comprehensive look at what's wrong with the RPI and how it can be fixed. If it all goes as planned, it will be a slick presentation with audio commentary exposing the flaws of the current system and how the Colton Index solves all of them. I just couldn't stand on the sidelines and watch deserving teams not make the tournament simply because some other less deserving team had numbers that we're artificially high. And as long as the Selection Committee has the RPI numbers in front of them, you can expect brackets to come out like last year. I don't have a lack of confidence in the Selection Committtee members. I'm sure they are smart guys. But if you give them bad information, it will lead to bad decisions, even with the best intentions. And the RPI is simply bad information. I don't really care if the implement the Colton Index...I just want the NCAA to fix the system. I will continue to fight the good fight.


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