Sunday Afternoon Bracketology

Here's my updated seed lines w/ all of the Sunday games counted. This is what I think the Committee should do.

1: Ohio State, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kansas
2: UCLA, Florida, Georgetown, Southern Illinois
3: Memphis, Oregon, Maryland, Pittsburgh
4: Washington St, Texas A&M, Arizona, Winthrop
5: UNLV, Tennessee, Texas, Nevada
6: Duke, Kentucky, Southern California, Georgia Tech
7: Creighton, Notre Dame, Missouri St, Michigan St
8: Villanova, Boston College, Marquette, Louisville
9: BYU, Virginia Tech, Arkansas, Virginia
10: Vanderbilt, Indiana, Florida St, Stanford
11: Illinois, Purdue, Clemson, Davidson
12: Butler, Gonzaga, VCU, New Mexico St
13: George Washington, Wright St, Long Beach, TAMU-CC
14: Holy Cross, Miami-Ohio, Albany, Oral Roberts
15: Pennsylvania, Belmont, Niagara, North Texas
16: Weber St, Eastern Kentucky, Central Connecticut, Florida A&M, Jackson St

Last 4 In: Illinois, Purdue, Clemson, Butler
First 4 Out: Georgia, Mississippi St, Texas Tech, Bradley
Next 4 Out: Xavier, Old Dominion, Air Force, Kansas St

And sticking my neck's what I think the Committee will do. We'll find out how I did in just a little bit.

1: Ohio State,North Carolina,Florida,Kansas
2: Wisconsin,UCLA,Georgetown,Oregon
3: Pittsburgh,Texas,Memphis,Texas A&M
4: Southern Illinois,Maryland,Washington St,Tennessee
5: Arizona,UNLV,Nevada,Duke
6: Kentucky,Villanova,Marquette,Louisville
7: Creighton,Notre Dame,Michigan St,BYU
8: Georgia Tech,Southern California,Boston College,Virginia Tech
9: Missouri St,Arkansas,Winthrop,Indiana
10: Xavier,Virginia,Vanderbilt,Butler
11: Illinois,Stanford,Purdue,Davidson
12: Syracuse,Gonzaga,VCU,New Mexico St
13: George Washington,Wright St,Long Beach,TAMU-CC
14: Holy Cross,Miami-Ohio,Albany,Oral Roberts
15: Pennsylvania,Belmont,Niagara,North Texas
16: Weber St,Eastern Kentucky,Central Connecticut,Florida A&M,Jackson St


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