Albuquerque Golf Trip, Day Two (From Bad to Worse)

I've officially hit rock bottom. Still reeling slightly from my late round collapse at UNM yesterday, I came into the day at Paa-Ko Ridge with a renewed sense of optimism. Until I three-putted from 30 feet on the first hole. Then three-jacked the second hole. Then went the first 12 holes without a single par, en route to a still hard-to-fathom 47-44 91, my highest score in a long, long time.

I followed it up with a second round 45-44 89, proving that the first round wasn't a fluke. I really do suck.

Two extremely frustrating rounds didn't deter me from enjoying (or at least respecting) Paa-Ko Ridge. It's an incredible golf course. Out of the hundreds of courses that the three of us have played, Paa-Ko is a consensus Top 20. Not a single weak hole on the entire original 18 (the new nine is a half-notch below but there are some memorable holes. Paa-Ko is simply relentless. It's open off the tee, but the challenge begins with the approach shots. The greens are well-guarded by deep, deep bunkers, and the greens have some wild tiers and undulations.

I should've played in the buff because the course fully exposed me. For 36 holes, I didn't feel comfortable over one single shot. That's a scary feeling and a recipe for disaster. Screw it...I don't even want to talk about it anymore. Bring on Black Mesa.

Jeff and Jimbo (and everybody else who played Paa-Ko today) fared a little better than me, but it was tough for everybody. Jimbo went 82-89. Jefe went 84-86 to take the overall lead by one stroke (as well as the skins lead by 10). Jefe also took the lead in most mulligans taken on the first hole, with a career tying five before finding the fairway.

Enough about our lackluster golf...the true winner was Paa-Ko Ridge. So here are the pictures.

Jefe's moustache, day two


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