TheWalkingGolfer.Com Walkability Ratings


Fellow golf blogger, golfblog100 participant and future golf buddy Rob Rigg, a.k.a. The Walking Golfer, just launched an ambitious project to provide Walkability Ratings on all of the golf courses in the U.S. He's still looking for participants to help fill out the ratings. Check out for more details. Here's the scale he uses:

The Walking Golfer Course "Walkability" Rating Scale Green - Course is Walking Only and/or an easy walk for any golfer
Yellow - Course is a manageable walk for most golfers
Orange - Course is a tough walk for any golfer
Red - Course is essentially unwalkable
Ugly Asphalt Gray - Motorized Carts Only

One other thing I'd like to see is courses that have the cart fee embedded in the greens fees, i.e. they charge you for a cart whether you take one or not. I hate that! Also, courses that are Cart Paths Only would be another helpful indicator.

Great work, Rob!


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