Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (10th Hole)


10th Hole - 509 Yards, Par 4
The 10th is quickly becoming one of my favorite holes on the back nine. I call this hole "the Holyoke Speedway" as the last 100 yards to the green is where this firm and fast layout is at its fastest.

The first thing you'll notice standing on the tee is the large, menacing bunker down the right side. You probably can't tell from the tee, but there's fairway on the other side of that bunker. It's a tough carry from any tee box, so make sure you have enough to clear it. Carry of not, you have to flirt with that bunker off the tee to have a view of the green on your second shot.

Most tee shots that drift left will find the bowl down the left side and will leave a blind or semi-blind second shot. There's nothing blocking a run-up shot, so just figure out the right line and stick to it. Like I said at the outset, the fairway and green is real fast going from front left to back right.


  1. Wego Family said...:

    A very fun tee shot. Grip it and rip it. Wide open, but there are preferred lines that make the hole much easier to play. I missed the "ideal" lines and can ensure this hole has alot of teeth...

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