Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (3rd Hole)


3rd Hole - 145 Yards, Par 3
The beautiful 3rd hole may be the most photographed hole on the course. It's also a fun short par 3.

There are a number of options to hit from off the tee; mix it up if you're playing over multiple days. The photo above is the angle shown most in photographs, since the green and hazards are all right there in front of you. That angle is from the right, forward tees, probably 115-120 yards to the center of the green.

Most will play from either the back left or back right tee box, somewhere around 140-145 yards. From the back tee box, the front of the green, which sits in a natural bowl, will be masked by the large front bunkers.

Somewhat surprisingly, this is one hole where I have had some success, so I feel like I can offer some advice worth listening to. See the mound above the 'I' on Jefe's hat in the photo below? That's where I like to aim, using the slope to feed the ball down to most center-to-back hole locations. It's exhilirating to see the ball hit off the slope and go shooting towards the hole. The more you flirt with the junk to the left, the bigger your kick will be.

The next three photos show the undulations in the green. The first photo shows that you can get the same kind of benevolent kick if you aim/miss right, probably a must if the pin is front or middle-right, but I haven't had much success with that (and if the pin is front left, best of luck. Let me know if you figure that one out.) Everything funnels to the back-right portion of the green; anything overly aggressive may wind up in the difficult bunker behind the green. Missing the green long will usually provide multiple recovery options, so be creative!


  1. Wego Family said...:

    A great short par 3 and a lot of fun to play. I found playing to the front of the green was the safe and for me, smart play. Avoid the back bunker as that will be an intimidating shot. I speak from experience, a look at birdie can easily lead to you walking up the hill to #4 wondering why you are writing a "4" on your card. This is a tricky green.

  1. Anonymous said...:


    Very interesting that you aim to the left center of this green. I always try for the right side of the green as a ball that ends up anywhere on the right side leaves a manageable putt to any hole location. The bounces off the left side can also be more variable than on the right side. I have found that typically when I end up in the back bunker it is the result of landing my tee shot on the back side of the front left knob.


  1. FiveClubWind said...:

    I have always aimed left as well most likely due to the fact that I missed wide righ my first time out there. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) I hav ended up in that back bunker a few times. I might try Matt's advice and aim a little more right next time.

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