Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (5th Hole)


5th Hole - 165 Yards, Par 3
The 5th is a sporty medium-length par 3. I love how the tee box is simply a continuation of the 4th green complex. It reminds me of rolling out of bed and being right on the first tee. Wait...they have that here at Ballyneal also. This place is a dream come true.

You'll notice in the next four pictures how the hole is dominated by a little, diabolical bunker right in front of the green. It really messes with your head. The left-front quadrant of the green sits high on a ridge. When the pin is left, you're tempted to try to thread one between the small bunker and the left edge of the green. Miss the green left and you're doomed -- whether you reach the large bunker or not. You'll be faced with a high-touch shot up the ridge to a green running away from you. The prudent play off the tee is probably to the middle/back of the green and try for the two-putt par, but what the heck do I know about prudence? Take dead aim!

Right hole locations are far more accessible as both front-right and back-right sit in bowls that allow for shots from multiple directions. I believe the 5th has more aces than all the other par 3's combined.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    This is a very good medium par3. As you say, there are some fun putts and easier hole locations on the right side. But the left side can yield some very difficult locations that leave you scratching your head.

  1. Jimbo said...:

    The hole location determines everything here. If the flag is up front, the little pot bunker short of the green is certainly in play, as is the greenside bunker on the right. I think the toughest pin is middle left, on top of a crown in the green. If the flag is back, you can use the slopes to set up a birdie.

  1. Wego Family said...:

    I was quite pleased with my two putt par. Much tougher hole in person than in the yardage book.

  1. Jefe said...:

    One of the more gnarly bunkers you'll find anywhere. Really cool how the greenside bunker on 5 eats into the tee for the sixth. Makes for a great green to tee transition, a common theme throughout Ballyneal.

  1. FiveClubWind said...:

    I used to consider this a par three dominated by a single bunker as well... Until I missed too far left a couple times and ended up in the nasty bunker with wicked grassy mounds in it. Unplayable or, at a minimum, extremely difficult lies are highly likely I that bunker. Once a mis-fired shot from that bunker flies the green to the right side trash... Well it is too late at that point!

    I think I like this hole better than the par three 3rd even though the 3rd is more attractive.

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