Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (13th Hole)


13th Hole - Par 4, 510 Yards
The 13th completes an amazing four-hole stretch to start the front nine. The fairway is ~100 yards wide (the widest on the course) with only about 1% of it offering a flat lie.

You'll notice in the picture below that the minefield of bunkers below effectively divide the fairway into thirds. There are many different teeing options on this hole, including a back, back tee that has you hitting over the 12th green. Unless you're a glutton for punishment, I'd save that one for the days when it's really downwind. Besides, the next two sets up, including the 425-yard tee that gets the most play, bring the fairway bunkers more into play.

The line of charm is down the left side, which not only shortens the hole but also provides the best angle to the green. However, the left side also has two deep swales that can leave a blind approach. Although there's plenty of room to miss right off the tee, you'll notice that it leaves a poor angle into that green, especially when the pin is tucked behind that ridge and far right bunker. Probably best to aim for the left side of the green from there and hope for a two-putt.

[Note: You only see the top of it in the picture below, but the middle fairway bunker is as unique as it is treacherous in that it slopes sharply 'the wrong way' towards the green. Very cool.]

The green is defined by the large ridge that runs right across it. Depending on the hole location, you may have a couple ways to get close to the cup. This green sees a lot of three-jacks.


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