Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (14th Hole)


14th Hole - 362 Yards, Par 4
The 14th hole at Ballyneal is a shortish, dogleg par 4 to a bunkerless green. The hole is a relatively straightforward and easy par for those playing safe and conservative, but complex and risky for the aggressive player. It's also the site of the 'Chip-In Heard 'Round the World' -- Jefe's chip-in to swing the anchor match of the inaugural Ballynizzle Cup.

You'll notice in the picture below that the green is tucked between the dunes and behind the large bunker complex at the corner of the dogleg. The tee shot is dominated by that large waste area and the single centerline bunker that just happens to be right where you want your tee shot to be. That center bunker really gets in your head and forces a decision -- do you want to go left, right (lots more room than it looks), stay short or blast over it, or go right at it and hope you get lucky. Plus, the hole is just short enough that cutting the corner will even enter the equation, although the penalty for not making it is severe.

On your second shot (hopefully), you'll be faced with an approach to the smallest green on the course. The green sits on a plateau with a large run-off area if you miss right. The right, middle pin position is a sucker's pin. The back of the green provides a nice backstop (or sideboard if you're Jefe) to get it close. Find the surface and you're rewarded with one of the flattest surfaces on the course (although flat is a relative term).

I had to borrow the following picture from the Ballyneal website because it's just too good to pass up.


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