Ballyneal: A Golf Addict's Guide (18th Hole)


18th Hole - Par 4, 463 Yards
After the roller coaster ride through the dunes on 15-17, Doak brings you back into the open for this majestic par 4 finisher. When it comes to finishing holes, you can't go wrong with a demanding long par 4 with a well-protected green. And that's exactly what you find here.

The preferred line off the tee is a drive down the left center of the fairway, either carrying or flirting with the large bunker complex at the corner of the dogleg. There is plenty of room to miss right, but anything leaking right of center will bounce further right and leave a longer approach into the green.

The key to the approach is obvious: avoid the two deep bunkers at the front of the green at all costs. To top it off, there's a large swale protecting the left half of the green, rejecting any weak shots but open enough to allow for a run-up shot. For the faint of heart, there is room to bail out short and right or long and left, but an up-and-down is no bargain on this green that is severely sloped from back-to-front.

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  1. Matt said...:

    That front!

    Great series Jim. Less than three months away to seeing the course in person and I literally can't wait. I think I'll be putting all of the articles together in a PDF to study on the plane ride to Denver!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for the detailed review of Ballyneal. Great read! Can't wait to play next month.

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