A Swing of Beauty is a Joy Forever (or so I hear)

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Things have gotten so low that today I decided to solicit swing advice from my best friend and nemesis Jefe. If you've seen Jefe's swing and/or know anything about our competitive relationship, you know this idea is doomed from the start.

But maybe there's hope. Check out the swing below and tell me what I should be doing. I'm willing to try just about anything. My plan is to spend a lot of time at the range this summer in order to build a fundamentally sound swing that works even if I only play sporadically. Please help. Otherwise I'll get stuck in a similar situation to the one I faced today: asking my so-called guru if my clubface was square at the top, getting a 'I couldn't tell', which is really just Jefe-speak for 'I was too busy looking at my Blackberry to notice.'



  1. Matt said...:

    Swing looks good actually!

    Hard to tell from the video - was the second ball a big hook? Looked like your clubface was closed quite a bit at the top.

    Your grip is similar to mine: slightly strong overall, with your left hand turned slightly underneath. Is your miss a snap hook/block? It's certainly my miss!

    What I'm going to try is to weaken my grip a bit this year so that my lead hand (your right hand as a lefty) is more square to the target and the clubface and my other hand is more on top of the grip.

    Swing looks good're quite handsy at takeaway by the look of it (not a one-piece motion, wrists breaking almost right away) but that's not a big issue.

    That's my two pennies from looking at the video!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The title is so profound. Is that John Keats or Junior (White Man Can't Jump)?

    I agree with Matt. Everything looks good. Depending on your ball flight,it can easily be fixed by weakening or strengthening your grip. I know that you normally draw the ball, so if you're snap-hooking your shots, weaken your grip a hair. The second and third shots looked like hooks. The first one looked perfect.

    Feel free to dismiss any and all advice from me. By no means am I giving Hank Haney a run for his money in the teaching department.

    Ron C. - NJ

  1. Rich Choi said...:

    Jim, Jim, Jim, nothing sadder than a desperate golfer seeking advice from strangers... :)

    First, I would HIGHLY recommend that you go seek a professional help. I suspect, you can improve quite a bit in few sessions.

    But if you want my advice, here is what I see from the video.

    Your posture and setup is quite good. I would love to see the grip in person, but I don't see much wrong with your initial setup.

    Your take away is way too inside. This causes a chain reaction of bad things to happen. You bring up to club too steeply towards the end to compensate for it and your club crosses the parallel line to the target. At the top of the swing, your hands are too high and your swing plane is too vertical (draw a straight line from your right arms and it extends beyond the ball).

    Now you have a steep downswing and to compensate for that you are flipping your wrist. Your current swing will result in push fades or quick hooks.

    You need to work on keeping the clubhead in front of your chest. Lower your right hand (by dropping your left elbow) so that your are on the plane. Make sure you release fully toward left.

    I hope that helps...

  1. Jimbo said...:

    Problem # 1: You have Jefe looking at your swing.

    Problem # 2: That snap hook you get off the tee is killing your golf game. If you eliminated that miss, I think your game would come back and we'll see scores circa 2005 when you played a ton at Prairie Landing = low 70's consistently.

    To me, your swing looks on plane. I would guess you've got to be closing down the clubface at impact pretty good which results in a lower ball flight or the snapper. As mentioned by other posters, weakening the grip might help. Or, try to open the clubface slightly at address, which may help to offset the closed clubface at impact.

    Of course, I could do infomercials for the Chop-o-matic so perhaps listening to me is a mistake.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The first guy is correct; your take a way is to far to the inside which then begins the problem; the only person who can get away with taking it back that far inside is someone with the shoulder turn of Daly. In the 3rd picture the club should be even with your hands; from there a good swing goes straight up, often the amateur thinks it is around the body but it is more straight away (take back) then up. A good training aid for your problem is the O'Meara, Haney training aid, (Medicus?)for some reason my mind is going blank. To fix it will take a very long time and be very difficult. I unfortunately know all to well.

  1. Jason Hines said...:

    Ok Jim,

    Take this tee and put it behind your left ear.

    Take all of the change out of your left pocket and put it in your right pocket..

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