Jimmy C the Greek?

I apologize for the non-golf diversion, but I needed an avenue to post some results from a friendly wager and talk some trash at same time. It's my blog and I can do what I want to (you would blog too if this happened to you).

My buddy Wego (who just this morning told me that the woman at the Verizon kiosk informed him that over half of his 1,400 monthly text messages were to or from one number: mine. I don't know whether to be honored or saddened by that fact.) and I just finished our first annual NBA wins contest, where we try to guess the number of wins each team will have this season. It's just one more annual tradition that we have that no one else in the world would be remotely interested in. Case in point: you're all invited to my house June 24th for our third annual NBA Draft/Rockband party, where we will continue to test the theory that making fun of Fran Fraschilla never gets old and two guys in their mid-30's with no musical talent playing plastic instruments is in no way pathetic. We may even webcast the event, so don't fret if you can't (or won't) make it.

With that as a backdrop, here are the results. Yours truly either won in a landslide or by a slim margin, depending on how you crunch the numbers. And if you're like Wego and want to judge the contest solely on the Indiana Pacers, he wins in a blowout. You be the judge. The table below has the Vegas Over/Under at the start of the season, our predctions, the actual wins and who was closest.

Closest: Jim 15, Wego 13, Tie 2
Avg Differential: Jim 6.67, Wego 7.40
Over-Under: Wego 15-15 (-4.55% return); Jim 23-7 (48.36% return!)
Best picks: Wego - Pacers (32); Jim - Warriors (26)
Biggest Miss (Over): Wego - Sixers (42 pred, 27 act); Jim - Nets (31,12)
Biggest Miss (Under): Wego - Phoenix (34, 54); Jim - Bucks (21,46)

For my award winning picks next year, make sure you have your credit card handy and dial this 1-800 number (48% return GUARANTEED!) Or just remember to check out this space in October for free.

Boston Celtics57.5575550J
Toronto Raptors40.5433640W
Philadelphia 76ers40.5423927J
New York Knicks31.5343329J
New Jersey Nets27.5223112W
Cleveland Cavaliers61.5645761W
Chicago Bulls41.5394441W
Detroit Pistons40.5383027J
Indiana Pacers34.5323432W
Milwaukee Bucks28.5302146W
Orlando Magic57.5606359W
Atlanta Hawks45.5484653W
Miami Heat41.5404247J
Washington Wizards41.5354026W
Charlotte Bobcats35.5313744J
Denver Nuggets53.5555053W
Portland Trailblazers53.5545150J
Utah Jazz50.5464653-
Oklahoma City Thunder34.5384250J
Minnesota Timberwolves27.5232615W
Los Angeles Lakers62.5636157J
Golden State Warriors34.5352626J
Phoenix Suns40.5344454J
Los Angeles Clippers34.5233129J
Sacramento Kings23.5192325J
San Antonio Spurs54.5575950W
Dallas Mavericks48.5515155-
New Orleans Hornets46.5484437J
Houston Rockets36.5403842W
Memphis Grizzlies27.5293040J

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Who knew Brandon Jennings would be worth 25 wins?


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