Pinehurst No. 2 Renovation


My good friend Tom Dunne just posted this fantastic video of the recently renovated Pinehurst No. 2 over on Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw brought back Donald Ross's original look and strategic vision, while keeping its famous green intact. The biggest change is the removal of the bermuda rough, replaced by sandy waste area and wiregrass. Tom is keen to point out the beauty of this type of native "rough". Instead of balls nestling down into thick bermuda rough, wayward drives will bound into the sandy areas - some may end up stymied against some wiregrass while others may find a clean lie on hard-packed sand. These areas will likely call for imagination and shotmaking skills, as opposed to a straightforward hack and slash.

I played No. 2 over 10 years ago and really enjoyed the course (although the above picture of the new par-3 9th is a chilling reminder of my triple-bogey on that hole). It currently sits 17th on my personal course rankings. However, Tom's video has me drooling and pining for returning visit. I can tell you right now that the increased width, stunning look and heightened fun factor are right up my alley, and a return visit would probably send Pinehurst No. 2 up into the pantheon where it belongs.


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