Pumped-Up Kicks: New Limited Edition HHH Shoes from TRUE linkswear

5/24/2012 0 comments

For 17 years, the patent-leather Air Jordan XI's held the title of my all-time favorite shoe. Sorry MJ, you've just been trumped.

Today, the TRUE linkswear HHH special edition shoes are available for sale. You can find them here: These three electric blue-soled beauties might just bring a tear to my eye. Half of the proceeds from the sale of the shoes will go to charity. 75% of those funds will go to One Divot our two-pronged purpose to help those in the golf "family" who are in dire need of financial or medical support and to develop and fund grow-the-game initiatives, particularly among youths in traditionally underserved areas. The remaining 25% will go to support the Evans Scholars Foundation, TRUE president Rob Rigg's chosen cause in the hike.

I can't say enough about the energy and commitment and way above-and-beyondedness that Rob and the TRUE gang have shown for One Divot and the Hundred Hole Hike. They shared my vision for what this event could be and the lives we could impact through something as simple and silly as chasing a small white ball into a hole. Honestly, is there any other golf shoe company that shows this much passion for the game? Throw in the fact that they are probably the most comfortable shoes you'll ever own and I'm not sure why you'd consider anything else.

A couple weeks ago, I went out for a late afternoon round and got paired up with a 15 year old kid and his father. The Dad was sporting the black/red TRUE phx's. I always get a kick out of seeing TRUEs out of the course, knowing the blood, sweat and tears that Rob and CEO Sean put into their development over the past 2-3 years. I will likely hug a random stranger if I see him wearing the HHH's. The resulting punch in the face will still be worth it.

I hope you'll join me in purchasing a one or more pairs of the HHH special edition phx ($99) or stealth ($199) shoes. Your feet will thank you. And I thank you for your support of the Hundred Hole Hike. Free random hugs with every purchase.

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