Evolution of my golf course rankings, 1997 to 2012


File this under 'little or no interest to anybody in particular', but I came across an old spreadsheet from 2004 with some personal golf stats and scores, plus a personal ranking of all of the golf courses I had played up to that point. It was somewhat amusing to take a stroll back in time when Pete Dye and Tom Fazio ruled the land and a tree-lined parkland course with a 151 slope was my definition of ideal.

A little further digging around unearthed other rankings files for most years between 1997 (88 courses played) to 2012 (325). Obviously a lot has changed since over the last 15 years, and my rankings have really evolved over time. In fact, there isn't a single course in my current top 20 that was around in the original list in 2000.

It's a bit embarrassing to show, but below is a google doc link with my rankings evolution in full glory. Admittedly I need to go in and clean up the more recent version a bit; I haven't really paid much attention outside the top 35-40 or so.

Flame away!

[On the spreadsheet, the bolded names are courses added since the previous iteration. The shaded courses show the ratings evolution of courses that were in the original Top 10 or 2000 Top 15]


  1. Turley2.0 said...:

    When you go from 88 courses played to 325, of course there will be a bias toward the new. An impressive list, and still growing.

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