New Golf Digest Rankings, America's Greatest 100 Golf Courses 2013-2014

The Dell Hole didn't survive, but that didn't stop Erin Hills from debuting at #10 in the 2013-14 America's 100 Greatest Public Courses

With its February issue, Golf Digest updated its definitive list of America's Greatest 100 golf courses. You can see the full-list with write-ups on the top 100 overall and public courses below.

For the first time, the magazine provided a glimpse at the courses in the next 100, with its "Second 100 Greatest". You can see the list here.

For a historical perspective, check out this google document that has a list of all of the Golf Digest rankings going back to 1975.

If you're really into numbers, I put together this spreadsheet survey (it's hosted on Google Drive, but you need to download it and open in Excel) that helps you determine which of the seven Golf Digest ratings criteria is important to you, then provides a more customized top 100 list. The survey will ask you to select amongst groups of 10 courses, based on whether you feel one group in collectively underrated or overrated relative to the other group. In the first tab, you can select the courses you've played (or paste in '1' for all rows to have the survey select all the courses).  You need at least 20 courses selected in order for the survey to work correctly. Once you're done scoring the 21 questions in the survey, the results tab provides the customized results. Please let me know what weights you come up with in the comment box below.


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