The Anatomy of a Fake Golf Course: Husker Dunes Golf Club


Back in March, I entered an amateur golf course design contest on, called the Armchair Architecture Contest, 3rd Edition (AACIII). I entered the previous two iterations of the contests a few years ago and finished second both times. Always the bridesmaid...

This year's contest was set on a 1,000 acre site in the Sand Hills region of Nebraska, an area that I know well. I figured a treeless, linksy site would give me somewhat of a homecourt advantage. 25 people entered the contest, which was whittled down to 8 through a public voting period. The 8 finalists were subject to an expert judging panel of three golf course luminaries: golf course architect Mike Nuzzo (Wolf Point), Tommy Naccarrato (aka The Emperor) and Golf Digest Architecture Guru and Ron Whitten (who also has design credits to his name, including Erin Hills, site of the 2017 U.S. Open, and interestingly enough, the site of the first Armchair contest)

I made the top 8 -- the votes are in and the results will be published on Sunday. Win or lose, it has been an extremely rewarding exercise and has given me a better appreciation of the tough choices and tradeoffs that the professionals have to make when trying to come up with the best 18 holes that they can. Honestly, I'd love the opportunity to build my own golf course someday.

Since everything is final, I can go ahead and publish details of my entry. Please see the Google Slideshow embedded below. I appreciate all comments and feedback, good or bad, in the comment section.

Here's my entry from AACII: Ballyneo

Hole-by-hole pics after the jump...


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