Food for Thought: Would this be the best 18 hole golf course in the world?

There's been some interesting and sometimes heated debate on about the whether a golf course needs to finish where it started. One recent example of this "open-jaw" routing is the Red Course at Dismal River, a Tom Doak-design that opened last year.

That led me to wonder if some of the top courses in the world could be improved if they didn't have returning nines or didn't finish close to where you started. It didn't take long for my head to hurt. But one thing I did land on...could you come up with a composite course at Bandon Dunes that made sense from a routing standpoint and maximize on some of the best holes at the resort.

Below is what I've come up with? It uses two holes at Old Macdonald, twelve holes at Pacific Dunes and four holes at Bandon Dunes. It starts on the 6th hole at Old Macdonald and finishes with the glorious 13th at Pacific Dunes.  There seems to be good variety, pacing and moves back and forth to the ocean throughout the round. There are six par 4's in the middle of the round. The routing seems perfectly walkable with few awkward transitions.

1: 6th at Old Mac (5)
2: 7th at OM (4)
3: 14th at Pacific Dunes (3)
4: 15th at PD (5)
5: 16th at PD (4)
6: 2nd at PD (4)
7: 7th at PD (4)
8: 8th at Bandon Dunes (4)
9: 4th at BD (4)
10: 5th at BD (4)
11: 6th at BD (3)
12: 11th at PD (3)
13: 12th at PD (5)
14: 4th at PD (4)
15: 5th at PD (3)
16: 6th at PD (4)
17: 3rd at PD (5)
18: 13th at PD (4)

Might this be the best 18 hole golf course in the world? Discuss.


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