Dream Another Dream


Final routing, 8/21 Update
12/3 Update: David McLay Kidd was selected to design the second course at Sand Valley. The northern section of his course cuts across the middle of my propose routing.

Routing 2.0, 4/29 Update
Original Routing 4/26

More Google Earth fun...this course is in Wisconsin.

A few digital images...

1st Hole, Par 4

3rd Hole, Par 4

5th Hole, Par 5

6th Hole, Par 4

7th Hole, Par 4

8th Hole, Par 3

12th Hole, Par 4

13th Hole, Par 3

14th Hole, Par 4

16th Hole, Par 3

17th Hole, Par 4

18th Hole, Par 5


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