Virtual to Reality? Dream Golf Update

I've been spending the last few months of my free time working to bring my concept for a second course at Ballyneal to virtual reality. Last year, I met with some guys starting a multi-platform golf game called Perfect Golf and they gave me early access to its course designer called Course Forge. After a lot of trial and error, I was able to mold a 3D landscape of the land surrounding Ballyneal into something resembling the look and feel of the Chop Hills. It's been great to visualize and tweak my dream course in 3D. Even better, recently I've gotten to course to a point where it's playable within the game.

Just this past week, the beta version of my course, Chop Hills Golf Club, is available on Perfect Golf for user testing. It's probably 98% complete, with just some tweaks to the look and feel of the native grasses and bunker refinement. The shapes of the holes and green contours are all good to go.

If you have any interest in playing this virtual Doak 10 (ok, maybe Doak 9), then you'll need to set up an account on Steam and purchase the early access version of Perfect Golf for $20. Then I can provide you instructions on how to get the Chop Hills course added to your course list. They also have real courses like Sebonack, TPC Sawgrass, Medinah and others with the game.

I hope to see you on the first tee...

(ignore the tee markers)

Earlier version of the routing. #2 was changed to a par 5, orientation of #16 fairway changed as well

1st Hole - 412 Yd, Par 4
1st Approach

2nd Hole, 560 Yd Par 5

2nd Hole, Lay-up Approach

3rd Hole, 366 Yd Par 4

4th Hole, 213 Yd Par 3
5th Hole, 518 Yd Par 4

5th Approach

6th Hole, 550 Yd Par 5
7th Hole, 145 Yd Par 3 (Alt Tee)
7th Hole, Main Tee

8th Hole, 452 Yd Par 4

8th Green

9th Hole, 439 Yd Par 4
10th Hole, 577 Yd Par 5
10th Hole, 2nd Shot

11th Hole, 185 Yd Par 3

12th Hole, 317 Yd Par 4
12th Hole Approach
13th Hole, 419 Yd Par 4
14th Hole, 443 Yd Par 4
15th Hole, 218 Yd Par 3
16th Hole, 436 Yd Par 4

17th Hole, 581 Yd Par 5
18th Hole, 523 Yd Par 4


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