Golf Digest 2017-18 Rankings: Inside the Numbers

One last post on the latest Golf Digest top 100/200 rankings. In the past, I've looked at each category's contribution to a given course's total score as an psuedo-look at its DNA. With seven different categories, there are different ways to make the list. Some get by on Shot Values; others on Resistance to Scoring or Conditioning. Some are consistently strong across all categories (Colorado Golf Club's DNA is the closest to Golf Digest's formula).

The first set of images looks at the highest and lowest relative scores (category score / total score) for each of the seven category. Then the next set of images look at the difference between category shares for some of the categories with the least amount of correlation. Assessing which set of 15 courses you'd prefer to play provides an indication of how your personal category weights might differ from Golf Digest's. Seeing courses pop up that you like might lead you to find other courses that fit your personal tastes. 


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