Adams County Dunes

Welcome to Adams County Dunes, my proposed routing for the third course at Sand Valley. I've posted some earlier iterations of the routing on this blog in the past, and over the last year have continued to hone it. I've spent quite a few days walking the property and getting a feel for the land. I truly believe the land at Sand Valley, particularly in this corner south of the original Coore & Crenshaw course has the potential to yield one of the great golf courses in the country. I don't honestly think I'll get picked to build the course, but hopefully this helps you see the potential for the site and raise the bar for whomever does get picked.

Attached below is the routing map and some early visualization shots. I'll add more holes and fly-by's as we go along.

1st Hole

5th Hole

7th Hole

8th Hole

10th Hole

13th Hole

17th Hole

18th Hole


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