18 Days of Adams County Dunes

I started a Instagram tour of Adams County Dunes, my vision for a third course at Sand Valley. Follow along here...

18 Days of Adams County Dunes (my vision for the third course @sandvalleygolf) takes us to the par 5 2nd hole, which I affectionately just call “The Hill”. A large hill simply needs to be dealt with on the tee shot. Staying short and on the far right side of the fairway provides an open view to the landing area if you’re playing it as a three shot hole. Attacking the hill on the drive but coming up short will leave an awkward blind shot. And drives that land into the side of the hill will bound left and leave a worse angle for the second shot. The approach rides the top of a small ridge and will require a confident stroke to reach in two. The elevated green is inspired a bit by the 4th green at Ballyneal. Looking forward to having friends try and tackle The Hill this afternoon. #ValleyNizzle #Crump2.0 #WinterGolf
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18 Days of Adams County Dunes takes us to the 3rd hole, an elegant 406-437 yard par 4. Hitting from an elevated tee just a few steps from the 2nd green into an open prairie, the first 250 yards or so is relatively tame. It’s get pretty wild from there though. This is one hole where you definitely want to play backwards from the green. The left half of the green is well protected by two fronting bunkers. Therefore you’ll want to hit your drive down the right side of the fairway, lengthening the hole but opening up the angle. However there’s a right-centerline bunker that needs to be negotiated. Blasting over it brings the wilder fairway contours and a natural depression into play, potentially masking the view of the approach. The green is one of my favorites on the course, with a natural ridge that runs lengthwise and sits right against one of the natural open sandy areas on the site. There’s plenty of room to bail out right and still make par without challenging the bunkers. #SandValley3 #ValleyNizzle #Crump2.0 #JimCantDunkButCanHeBuildGolfCourses

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